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Cannes 2019: Jessica Hausner’s ‘Little Joe’ is a Suave Little Fairytale

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Little Joe

Perhaps all we'd like is just a bit little bit of happiness. Perhaps happiness is all there may be. Or perhaps now not. Little Joe is a artful, cunning little sci-fi fairytale this is destined to turn into a cult vintage. This low finances drama is the newest written and directed via Austrian filmmaker Jessica Hausner, and it is enjoying in festival on the 2019 Cannes Movie Competition. The movie has some flaws, and is far too sluggish, however there is something alluring and clever about it that sticks with you and buries itself to your thoughts. And although it is in truth beautiful simple to determine what is going on, it is the manner she brings this concept to existence and portrays all of it on display very minimally that makes it particularly fascinating. The movie achieves such a lot (in the way in which of thought-provoking storytelling) with so little, an efficient instance of very low finances filmmaking increasing upon larger concepts. ›››

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