This atmospheric HBO crime drama from Steven Zaillian and Richard Price boasts a strong opener and a deep ensemble more

A TV listing for the Star Wars special, Secrets of the Force Awakens, may confirm a new Rogue One trailer will arrive next week.

Marvel shows off its newest post-Civil War II super-team, The Champions, a fresh combo of heroes focused on youth and diversity.

The Batman: The Killing Joke previews and behind-the-scenes looks have already proved this movie will be a chilling recreation of Joker’s most famous tale, but with weeks to go until its release, the first clip from the movie has finally been posted.

Recently, a bunch of Grey’s Anatomy fans apparently all forgot just who was at the head of the long-lasting ABC drama, as evidenced by an Internet-circling petition calling for the firing of show star Jesse Williams over a speech he made at the

Star Trek creators recall the infamously bizarre first draft of The Motion Picture, where Kirk came to blows with Jesus.

Reilly sparked backlash after he equated Kevin Durant’s joining the Golden State Warriors to “giving Kate Upton a 3rd breast.”read more

Transformers’ Combiner Wars prequel series introduces the mighty Victorion, the fan-created first all-female Combiner team.