Christopher Abbott continues to glower his way through roles, all furrowed brow and electric intensity, but there’s no complaints here. It’s his onscreen magnetism that makes much of “Sweet Virginia” work, a simmering body of violence that lashes out in unexpected moments. A movie that forgoes solid storytelling for an atmosphere that keeps you captivated, director Jaime M. Dagg has made a film that plays with genres from neo-noir to thriller to even horror. Continue reading Christopher Abbott Steals The Show In The Intense Thriller ‘Sweet Virginia’ [Tribeca Review] at The Playlist.

Three drug addicts desperately search for a fix in Tommy Swerdlow’s black comedy ‘A Thousand Junkies.’ read more Source: HoolywoodReporter Movie Reviews

The affable executive has spent his entire career working for the studio’s distribution division, beginning 40 years ago as a mail clerk. read more Source: Hollywood Reporter Box Office

Thirty-nine years after Richard Donner’s “Superman,” 28 after Tim Burton’s “Batman,” 17 after Bryan Singer’s “X-Men” and nearly 10 after “Iron Man,” it’s completely insane that we’re only just getting the first female director of a superhero movie. There are literally dozens of women who are equally as talented and qualified, if not much more so, than the likes of David Ayer, Alan Taylor, Marc Webb, Gavin Hood, Brett Ratner, Louis Leterrier or Jon Watts, to name but a few, and yet it’s only early next month that that particular glass window will finally shatter with the release of Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman.” Even then, it’s pretty infuriating that female directors, like Jenkins or “Captain Marvel” co-director Anna Boden, are so far seemingly restricted to female-led superhero properties (and even then, not all of them: Ayer will direct “Gotham City Sirens,” for instance), but if “Wonder Woman” proves a success, hopefully that’ll start to change, because in a new AP profile of Jenkins, there’s some indication that the director might have already lined up her next job, and it’s with one of the biggest stars on the planet. Continue reading ‘Wonder Woman’ Helmer Patty Jenkins Sought To Direct Dwayne Johnson In Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ at The Playlist.

“You know who you are. And always remember… so do I.” Well, that’s a rather creepy slogan. Netflix has launched an impressive and interesting new viral campaign for the upcoming film Okja, made by Korean writer/director Bong Joon-ho. The film is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in one month, but leading up to then, they’ve launched this viral website for the “Mirando Corporation”. Tilda Swinton plays the CEO, Lucy Mirando, described as an “image obsessed and self-promoting” person who’s the antagonist in the film. Her memo sent our by Netflix PR is all about introducing us to the “Super Pig Project”, which is their way of attempting to solve food shortage problems by genetically engineering giant pigs. Seriously. The new marketing launch today includes an introductory video featuring Tilda Swinton as Lucy Mirando explaining the “Super Pig Project” as well as a memo from Mirando (see here). Finally, all of this links to the new Super Pig Project …

One of the greatest musicians we have, Nick Cave, is about to return to performing with a series of live dates tied to his great recent record “Push The Sky Away.” It comes after an extended gap following the tragic death of Cave’s teenage son Arthur in 2015, the aftermath of which was documented last year in Andrew Dominik’s extraordinary performance film “One More Time With Feeling,” one of our favorite films of 2016. Continue reading Nick Cave Says He Was “Angry” When He Saw ‘One More Time With Feeling,’ Now Calls The Film “An Extraordinary Gift” at The Playlist.

Since it premiered at Venice last year, audiences have been either thrilled, traumatized, or a little of both by Australian horror-drama “Hounds Of Love.” Not, alas, as the title might suggest, the Kate Bush biopic we’ve always dreamed of, Ben Young’s directorial debut is a “Blue Velvet”-influenced true-crime tale that makes “The Snowtown Murders” look like “Madagascar 3.” Drawing on a number of real-life cases in Perth, Australia in the 1980s, it tracks a couple (Stephen Curry and Emma Booth) whose MO is to lure young girls to their home before raping, torturing and murdering them, and the teenager (Ashleigh Cummings) who looks to become their latest victim. Continue reading Watch: New Trailer For Award-Winning Australian True-Crime Serial Killer Tale ‘Hounds Of Love’ at The Playlist.

Blisteringly caustic as ever, John Lydon nevertheless reveals himself as an occasionally sentimental sort in Tabbert Fiiller’s fitfully revelatory and charming documentary, “The Public Image is Rotten,” screening at the Tribeca Film Festival. Ostensibly a documentary about Lydon’s epochal post-punk band Public Image Ltd., the movie turns to be more portrait of the man himself. This makes sense, given that the band was a Lydon project from the start and he’s the only member remaining from its 1978 founding. Continue reading Anger Is Still An Energy In John Lydon Doc ‘The Public Image is Rotten’ [Tribeca Review] at The Playlist.