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Remembering ‘The Dana Carvey Show’ in ‘Too Funny to Fail’ Doc Trailer

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Too Funny to Fail Doc Trailer

"We had hired badass nerd pirates to blow up the system." Hulu has debuted a trailer for a documentary titled Too Funny to Fail, looking back at the short-lived comedy show "The Dana Carvey Show". Does anyone remember this show? Dana Carvey's "The Dana Carvey Show" launched in spring of 1996 and only lasted 7 episodes before it was cancelled. This doc examines how it all happened, how it came together, and how it all went wrong. It features Carvey and former Carvey Show cast members/writers Stephen Colbert, Robert Smigel, Steve Carell, Louis C.K., Charlie Kaufman, Jon Glaser, and more in a look back at why the ABC sketch show would "crash and burn so spectacularly." The show had such an amazing set of writers and comedians, it's fascinating to examine its failure. Hulu also has all the episodes available for you to watch. ›››

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