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For years now, James Bond has been the most bankable action character in the business. We may chuckle a little at Universal Pictures‘ plans to produce 10 different “Fast And The Furious” movies or Disney‘s aggressive release calendar for its slate of Marvel movies, but that’s nothing compared to the success that Bond has seen. Since Sean Connery‘s first outing as the dashing spy in the 1962 film “Dr. Continue reading Annapurna Pictures Emerges As A Surprise Contender For The Rights To James Bond at The Playlist.

While “Kong: Skull Island” wasn’t a runaway success domestically – the movie has yet to break even on its rumored $185 million production budget – it has connected well with international audiences, grossing more than $552 million worldwide. Those are the kind of numbers that encourage studios to think about spinoffs and alternate revenue streams, which naturally led to today’s announcement that MarVista Entertainment and IM Global Television are currently developing a new television series starring everyone’s favorite giant monkey. Continue reading ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Gets A Female-Led Television Spinoff at The Playlist.

When people say that you shouldn’t remake the classics, what they really mean is that you shouldn’t remake the classics without a good idea. George Cukor‘s 1954 film “A Star Is Born” is undoubtedly in the inner circle of Hollywood greats, but that hasn’t stopped first-time director Bradley Cooper from planning an ambitious and — let’s admit it — intriguing big screen remake. We’ve known for a while now that Cooper would be transplanting the movie to the country music scene and bringing in actress and pop star Lady Gaga for the Judy Garland role, but Warner Bros Continue reading Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Remake Gets Its First Photo And Some New Plot Details at The Playlist.

For the past decade, Warner Bros. Animation has been giving DC Comics fans the movies they deserve, juggling a variety of tones and art styles to deliver adaptations of some of the biggest events in comics history. Beginning with ‘Superman: Doomsday‘ in 2007, the DC Animated Universe has served as both a blessing and a curse: on the one hand, examples of what faithful comic book adaptations can look like, and on the other hand, proof that the live-action Warner Bros.  Continue reading Warner Bros. Might Have An R-Rated Animated ‘The Watchmen’ Movie On The Way at The Playlist.