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To be honest, I can’t work up the energy to care enough to be outraged or surprised or concerned about whatever DC Films randomly decides to do next. Most recently, it’s hiring Todd Phillips (“The Hangover,” “Old School“) to direct a Joker origin story movie, divorced from the DCEU, and produced by Martin Scorsese. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At any rate, reaction was swift and surprised, our members of The Playlist team have also already shared their early thoughts on a new podcast. Continue reading DC Films Launching Off-Continuity Superhero Spinoff Movies at The Playlist.

When Napster and Facebook entrepreneur Sean Parker first revealed his plan to offer major studios releases day-and-date at home for $50, the industry recoiled. Cinema owners in particular balked, fearing their already dwindling audience might start staying away in bigger numbers, while filmmakers were split on the issue. As for the studios themselves, Parker’s idea intrigued them, though not enough to work with him. Instead, it was revealed earlier this year, that Fox, Universal and Warner Brothers were all considering their own variations on premium VOD. Continue reading Apple May Team With Studios For Premium VOD Of Major Releases at The Playlist.