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Michelle Williams is undoubtedly one of our finest actresses, and she’s gotten to be that way in part because of the choices that she makes. Sure, she might have started on teen drama “Dawson’s Creek,” but from the start of her career, she’s made a point of seeking out interesting films from up-and-coming auteurs and indie legends. Sure, not all of them have worked out (looking at you, “Deception” and “Incendiary”), but the results, and relationships with major filmmakers like Todd Haynes and Kelly Reichardt, and four Oscar nominations speak for themselves. Continue reading Michelle Williams Joins Tom Hardy & Riz Ahmed In ‘Venom’ at The Playlist.

It’s not often that studios get a second chance to make a franchise work, but Sony is making the most their opportunity with Spider-Man. Having successfully teamed with Marvel and relaunched the webslinger with this summer’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Sony is now embarking on their own universe of villain focused spinoff movies, which they weren’t able to do following the failure of “The Amazing Spider-Man” films, and first out of the gate will be “Venom” starring Tom Hardy. Continue reading Riz Ahmed Joins ‘Venom’ With Tom Hardy at The Playlist.

Ambition is never in short supply in Hollywood, and when it comes to superhero movies, studios and filmmakers like to talk a big game about how their four-quadrant tentpoles will break the mold. The reality is, aside from efforts like “Deadpool” or “Logan,” that has never been the case, and most follow a very familiar template. Even so, having a grand vision, even if it gets watered down by the final product, can yield some interesting results. Continue reading Sony’s ‘Spider-Man’ Spinoffs Compared To Films Of John Carpenter & David Cronenberg, And ‘Thelma & Louise’ at The Playlist.

While Marvel and Sony‘s team-up on “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is being viewed as an Earth-shaking deal in an industry where every studio ferociously protects their brands, according to Kevin Feige, it was pretty simple to hash out when he sat down with producer Amy Pascal. “It really came down to me telling Amy in her office that I think the best thing for this character is: Sony has the rights, that’s not changing,” Feige told THR. Continue reading Iron Man Won’t Return For ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Sequel, ‘Venom’ Villain Revealed at The Playlist.

Earlier this year, producer Amy Pascal put a dark cloud over “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” suggesting that following the planned sequel, the character would be bouncing out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The team up between Marvel and Sony has always been seen as near miraculous and temporary, but now it seems like it could lasting a little bit longer. Tom Holland recently revealed there’s a ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy in the works, and now Pascal says that relationship between Sony and Marvel is going to be growing. Continue reading Producer Says ‘Venom’ & ‘Silver And Black’ Linked To MCU, Spider-Man Possibly Also Sticking Around at The Playlist.

Ever since the success of “Deadpool,” and the subsequent success of “Logan,” Marvel‘s Kevin Feige has been pressed by fans and journalists about whether or not the hugely successful comic book movie studio would ever roll the dice on an R-rated movie. The executive’s message has pretty much been consistent, crediting 20th Century Fox for taking a risk and respecting the source material, while maintaining that Marvel wasn’t in any rush to follow suit. Continue reading Kevin Feige Talks R-Rated Marvel Movies, Says ‘Venom’ Not Part Of MCU at The Playlist.

Even though we’re distracted by the Cannes Film Festival, the latest news on Sony‘s “Venom” is still knocking us back on our heels a bit, as a creative team comes together for the first film for what the studio hopes will be yet another cinematic universe. Tom Hardy is signed up to lead “Venom,” with Ruben Fleischer (“Zombieland,” “Gangster Squad“) directing. Continue reading Tom Hardy To Star In Ruben Fleischer Directed ‘Venom’ at The Playlist.

A new trailer for “Spider-Man: Homecoming“ arrived this morning, and with appearances by Iron Man and Captain America, it underlines in bold marker that it will take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, don’t expect anything that plays out in that film to even touch upon “Venom.” As we know, Sony is gearing up their own comic book universe, starting with a movie focused on the classic Spidey villain, which might even be R-rated. Continue reading ‘Spider-Man’ Director Jon Watts Confirms ‘Venom’ Will Have No Overlap With ‘Homecoming’ at The Playlist.

Rights issues can be a bit of a tangled headache when it comes to Marvel properties, with some studios owning the cinematic rights to certain characters, and even the use of the word “mutant” allowed by particular parties. So, when Sony teamed up with Marvel for this summer’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” and allowed the character to be introduced in “Captain America: Civil War,” it was arguably even more a legal victory than a creative one. Continue reading Sony’s ‘Venom’ Will Reportedly Be R-Rated at The Playlist.

Sony has been banking on this summer’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” their co-production with Marvel, on being a big smash hit, and something that will kick off a Spidey-verse of movies, in a way that “The Amazing Spider-Man” film didn’t. We’re yet to see what those plans will be beyond just straight sequels to ‘Homecoming,’ but Sony has something else up its sleeve. The studio has announced that “Venom” will hit theaters on October 5, 2018. Continue reading 2018: Sony Sets ‘Venom’ Release Date, ‘Aquaman’ Takes Spot Formerly Held By ‘Avatar 2’ at The Playlist.