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Was “Twin Peaks” a success for Showtime this summer? That depends on the perspective you’re willing to take. On the one hand, the hard numbers weren’t great, with the return of David Lynch‘s cult series averaging 2 million viewers, a far cry from the draw of other shows on the network such as “Billions” (4.6 million viewers) or the first season of “The Affair” (4.1 million). Continue reading David Lynch Keeps Door Open For Another Season Of ‘Twin Peaks’ at The Playlist.

On this episode of Adjust Your Tracking, Joe and I discuss the massive success of “It” but also find plenty to gripe about the movie. After the film’s record-breaking haul at the box office this past weekend, fans (and most critics) will no doubt be pleased for the inevitable Part 2 promised at the end credits. Even though audiences and most critics seem to be taken with this latest adaptation of Stephen King‘s seminal book (our review was quite positive), we do think the movie has plenty of issues, chief among them the monotonous rhythms of the plot, rushed characterizations and direction/script that’s tonally uneven. Continue reading Examining The Successes & Failures Of ‘It’ [Adjust Your Tracking Podcast] at The Playlist.

Sorry, we’re still shook, and yes, we went overboard with this feature. Sunday night was a pretty fascinating evening in the world of media, social media and pop culture at large even from the outside looking in. After 18 hours of one of the most complex and mystifying series to ever air on TV–or an 18-hour movie as the director likes to describe it– one of the most groundbreaking nights of narrative drama came to a haunting and abstractly mind-bending close. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks The Return’: The 35 Best Scenes at The Playlist.

Among David Lynch’s many muses – Kyle Maclachlan, Laura Dern, Everett McGill, et al – Julee Cruise feels like one of the most important, and ephemeral: her haunting songs anchored the soundtrack for the original “Twin Peaks,” and amplified the dreamlike atmosphere of “Blue Velvet,” and later, “Fire Walk With Me.” But the singer was none too pleased about the way Lynch treated her in Part 18 of “Twin Peaks: The Return,” according to a Facebook post Cruise made Sunday after the finale aired on Showtime. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’ Singer Julee Cruise Lashes Out At David Lynch at The Playlist.

Welcome to another edition of The Playlist Podcast, a discussion about film news and other film and television related items. On this episode, I’m joined by Playlist Editor-in-Chief Rodrigo Perez to unpack the two-part finale to David Lynch and Mark Frost‘s sprawling epic, “Twin Peaks: The Return.” READ MORE: ‘Twin Peaks’ The Return Finale: The Mind-Bending Ecstasy Of The Unknowable You will hear very quickly by the pauses and hesitations in our voices that the amount of time from when the episode aired to the recording of this episode was still not enough time. Continue reading Unpacking The Baffling, Enigmatic Two-Part ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ Finale [Podcast] at The Playlist.

*Spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen all of Twin Peaks so far, turn around, watch the entire season, maybe see it again and then come back. And you can catch up on all our recaps here. * And just like that, it vanished into the nothing, dissipating with a crackling hiss like it was never there in the first place. Flickering memory grasping at pieces and bits as they evaporated. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’ The Return Finale: The Mind-Bending Ecstasy Of The Unkowable at The Playlist.

**Turn back now if your log is afraid of spoilers. I would also like to add that I haven’t recapped  “Twin Peaks” since episode six of The Return and therefore, yes, while I’ve watched it, you’re going to have to bear with me as I don’t know the super details as much as the next person** It seems like every episode of “Twin Peaks” is either its most surreal, its most nightmarish or its most absurd. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’: Electrical Currents Deliver Awakenings & Goodbyes at The Playlist.

**Turn back now if your log is afraid of spoilers** To refer to an episode of “Twin Peaks” as surreal would be to say that water is wet, but last night’s part of the revival, a more-so-than-usual disparate collection of vignettes that found some of our most beloved characters each on the brink of death, new life, or…something else, was somewhere between a hallucinatory nightmare and a gentle kiss goodbye on the forehead. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’ Brings Hopeful Beginnings & Powerful Endings In Haunting Hour at The Playlist.

***Turn back if your log is afraid of spoilers*** The end is near for the “Twin Peaks” revival and there’s not a minute to waste. We’re getting closer with the end of each episode (which is of course how time works), but last night’s hour was a doozy that set up an endgame more than any part had previously. We spent most of our precious time in Twin Peaks. Continue reading The End Is Near For ‘Twin Peaks’ In A Satisfying Hour That Feels Like A Dream [Episode 14 Recap] at The Playlist.

Twin Peaks” has been a cultural and cinematic phenomenon since its debut in 1990, helmed by cinematic visionary David Lynch. This awesome video essay expertly breaks down the impact of Lynch’s unique directing style and how incorporating stillness is pivotal to the structure and suspenseful nature of the show. Known for his strange and yet fascinating work in both television and film, Twin Peaks is of particular interest because of Lynch’s unique vision, using stillness with great effect leaving the audience spellbound and fully immersed in the mystery of the show. Continue reading The Silence & Stillness Of David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’ at The Playlist.