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2017 might be done with us, but we’re not exactly done with it. In traditional Playlist form, it’s never quite clear if the world has moved on from the last year during the early days of January, but regardless, we seem to exhaust all possibilities exa…

We’re firmly into June now, and fast bearing down on the midpoint of 2017, a year that’s fast shaping up to the longest goddamn year in history (fun fact: at the start of 2017, Barack Obama was President of the United States!). Fortunately, between the insanity of the news, it’s been a pretty strong film year on the whole. Sure, not all of the blockbusters have been great (*side eye to “The Mummy”*), but some have been terrific, and we’ve also seen several great and unexpected movies get their due at the box office. Continue reading The 25 Best Films Of 2017 So Far at The Playlist.

With only two feature films under his belt to date, writer/director Adam Leon has made a big noise by using very little. His breakout film, “Gimme The Loot,” was fresh, exciting, and low-key caper film that captured the attention of SXSW, Cannes, and beyond. For his followup, Leon tells another intimate, authentic New York City story with “Tramps.” Premiering last fall at the Toronto International Film Festival, it may not have had glitzy A-list stars, but the crowd-pleasing charmer sparked a small bidding war, with streaming titans Netflix coming out on top. Continue reading The Movies That Changed My Life: ‘Tramps’ Director Adam Leon at The Playlist.

A heist movie and romance that manages to defy the expectations of both genres, “Tramps” is a low-key charmer that quietly gains your affection. The latest from “Gimme The Loot” director Adam Leon may not have grabbed the biggest headlines at TIFF last fall where it premiered, but it says something that Netflix snapped it up. And it’s one you’ll want to add to your queue. Continue reading Romance & Crime Collide In First Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Tramps’ at The Playlist.

Well, here we are, in the brave (terrifying) new (still terrifying) world of 2017. Whatever else we have to expect in the 363 days to come (and actually, the first 48 hours have been pretty good on the whole), it promises to be a good year for the movies, as you might have seen from our 100 Most Anticipated Movies piece a month or so back. But somehow, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Continue reading The 20 Best Movies Of 2017 That We’ve Already Seen at The Playlist.