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The Academy announced the first slate of presenters for the 90th Academy Awards and you can all breathe easier because Tiffany Haddish will be making her way to the podium. The New York Film Critics Circle Best Supporting Actress winner and “Girl…

So far, we’ve been getting mixed messages about how connected “Venom” will be Sony‘s Marvel affiliated live-action Spider-Man series, which was launched last summer with “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” Kevin Feige stated p…

TORONTO – History tells us there was a long, protracted battle for the electrical current business in the United States beginning in the 1880’s. This was a highly lucrative turf war to determine for how cities would provide electric light to their constituents for generations. This was an invention that changed the world almost as quickly as the automobile, jet airliners, television or the iPhone. Thomas Edison, arguably the greatest inventor the world has ever seen, struck out with his own direct current (DC) company to in 1882. Continue reading ‘The Current War’: Michael Shannon Only Source of Light In This Over-Stylized Drama [TIFF} at The Playlist.

In-between reporting for Marvel duty in “Avengers: Infinity War” where he will be reprising his role as Doctor Strange and a potential future series of the BBC’s “Sherlock”, Benedict Cumberbatch has found time to return to his stock-in trade of playing prickly scientific geniuses and this time, he’s taking on an American icon in what may be an early Oscar contender. The first trailer has arrived for The Weinstein Company’s biopic “The Current War” in which Cumberbatch plays Thomas Edison, the legendary inventor and erstwhile developer of the phonograph and the motion picture camera. Continue reading ‘The Current War’ Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch & Michael Shannon Get Electric at The Playlist.

Movies that tackle religion tend to fall on one of two camps. We either are graced with films such as Martin Scorsese‘s under-seen (and undervalued) “Silence” or forced to slog through more politicized fare such as “The Shack.” Not only a tricky subject to navigate (and better to avoid) at family get together’s, it’s also a topic that unless made by the hands of a fine craftsman, won’t get the delicate film treatment it deserves. Continue reading ‘Pilgrimage’ Is A ‘John Wick-Style, Rising-Death-Toll Action Flick During The Crusades [Review] at The Playlist.