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For almost as long as The Playlist has existed on the interwebs, there has been talk about a sequel to “Top Gun.” In fact, five years ago, Paramount had planned to make “Top Gun 2” before “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation,” but those plans fell apart. And over the years, numerous screenwriters have come and gone on the project, and the passing of director Tony Scott also added to the long wait. Continue reading Tom Cruise Says ‘Top Gun 2’ Is “Definitely Happening” In The Next Year at The Playlist.

He says they’ll start filming ‘probably in the next year’ The post Tom Cruise Confirms Top Gun Sequel appeared first on

Universal has three weeks left to make its final marketing push for the Tom Cruise film, which is expected to be a far bigger player overseas. read more Source: Hollywood Reporter Box Office

Oh right, “The Mummy.” I honestly keep forgetting this movie is coming, and perhaps Universal senses they need to kick up the awareness, because with just a few weeks to go until it hits cinemas, a new trailer has landed. Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt Nick Morton who opens up a tomb he shouldn’t have, gets cursed, and now has to save the world from an ancient evil. Continue reading Tom Cruise Is Cursed In New Trailer For ‘The Mummy’ at The Playlist.