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Attempts to extend the “Terminator” franchise are the repeal-and-replace of Hollywood. Nobody wants them, they keep failing spectacularly, and yet people keep trying. Obviously we’re not counting James Cameron’s own “T2: Judgement Day,” one of the few truly great sequels, and the TV series wasn’t half-bad, but “Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines,” “Terminator: Salvation” and “Terminator: Genisys” all promised the world, and all sucked incredibly hard. Continue reading James Cameron Says Later ‘Terminator’ Sequels Were ‘A Bad Dream,’ Talks ‘Terminator 6’ at The Playlist.

There’s no doubt that Tim Miller made quite an impression, at the age of 46 no less, when his debut feature film “Deadpool” became a super-sized smash hit. It changed the comic book movie paradigm, and it looked like it was all systems go for him to return for the inevitable sequel. However, a reported creative clash with star Ryan Reynolds led to his exit from the movie, but Hollywood came knocking. Continue reading ‘Deadpool’ Director Tim Miller To Helm ‘Neuromancer’ at The Playlist.

“I’ll be back,” he said (again, again and again). The news arrived several months after the indifferent response to “Terminator Genisys,” at least domestically (the film made $400 million worldwide, but still well short of expectations): the “Terminator” series would receive the reboot treatment yet again. The additional plus for fans was the revelation that James Cameron would return as the exec producer/”godfather” and “Deadpool” filmmaker Tim Miller would direct (“Deadpool” obviously giving him all the juice). Continue reading Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He’ll Be Back In Next ‘Terminator’ Film; ‘Conan’ Not Dead at The Playlist.

We’re in the era when franchises are never dead, they just away for awhile. After “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” didn’t meet expectations,  it was only two years later that the character was rebooted in “Captain America: Civil War,” and this summer he’ll swing back on the big screen in a new movie, that’s part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Meanwhile, less than two years have passed since rebootquel “Terminator Genisys” bellyflopped, but no matter, because as the famous phrase goes, “I’ll be back.” Deadline has dropped the bombshell news that “Deadpool” director Tim Miller has been tapped to direct a reboot of the property. Continue reading ‘Deadpool’ Helmer Tim Miller Directing ‘Terminator’ Reboot at The Playlist.

One of the biggest shockers of 2016 in the fanboy community had to be the parting of ways on “Deadpool 2.” The 20th CenturyX-Men” spinoff was not just a tremendous success— $782 million worldwide—it essentially put the rest of the “X-Men” franchise to shame in one go (with half the budget no less). Despite seven previous films to the franchises name, “Deadpool” went on to quickly wipe out all records and currently stands as the highest grossing X-film both domestically and internationally. Continue reading Director Tim Miller Weighs In On Why He Left ‘Deadpool 2’ at The Playlist.

All this month, we’re looking back at 2016, and while it’s been a shitshow in so many ways, it has also been a very good year at the movies. Particularly when it came to discovering new talent. From massive blockbusters to Oscar winners, from cult hits to tiny indies, the last twelve months has seen a wealth of exciting new filmmakers emerge, leaving us with plenty of faith for the medium’s future (even if we have to watch their next movies huddled together on a break in President Trump’s copper mines). Continue reading The 25 Best Breakthrough Directors Of 2016 at The Playlist.