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So that’s what “shortly” means to David Madden. Months after the Fox head told the Television Critics Association that an “X-Files” renewal could happen “shortly,” the network has finally followed through, announcing a new order of 10 episodes to (likely) air sometime in 2018. The announcement was first made on social media with an official statement following shortly thereafter. Here’s the announcement: #TheXFiles are opening back up… — The X-Files (@thexfiles) April 20, 2017 And here’s the statement, courtesy of ScreenCrush: Iconic characters, rich storytelling, bold creators – these are the hallmarks of great TV shows. Continue reading You Can Start Believing Again: Fox Orders Another Season Of ‘The X-Files’ at The Playlist.

Ten more episodes are on the way for the 2017-2018 season The post The X-Files Returns to FOX! appeared first on

At Fox’s upfront press call, Fox TV Group chairmans Dana Walden and Gary Newman sounded very optimistic when asked about plans for another installment of The X-Files event series. “We have had conversations with (creator) Chris Carter and (stars) David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson,” Walden said. “I believe everyone is on board to do another installment of the show.” Noting that all key auspices are scattered around the world working in different locations, she said that…

“We’re not bickering while we’re running with our guns out,” Duchovny tells THR of the Mulder/Scully split. read more Source: Hollywood Reporter (News)