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Announced even before cameras starting rolling on this summer’s “The Mummy,” it was always been known that Universal were developing a big monster movie franchise, in a bid to get into the cinematic universe game of their rivals, while also reviving classic catalog characters. Now, the endeavor has an official name. The studio has announced that henceforth, their monster movie doings shall fall under the blandly named, Dark Universe banner. Continue reading Universal Officially Launches ‘Dark Universe’ Monster Movie Franchise at The Playlist.

Oh right, “The Mummy.” I honestly keep forgetting this movie is coming, and perhaps Universal senses they need to kick up the awareness, because with just a few weeks to go until it hits cinemas, a new trailer has landed. Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt Nick Morton who opens up a tomb he shouldn’t have, gets cursed, and now has to save the world from an ancient evil. Continue reading Tom Cruise Is Cursed In New Trailer For ‘The Mummy’ at The Playlist.

Although summer movies have essentially been coming to theaters since the start of FEBRUARY with “The Lego Batman Movie,” the season officially kicks off tomorrow with the release of “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.” It’ll begin a run between now and mid-August that sees hardly a week go by without the arrival of some kind of $200 million spectacular, almost always tied to a franchise of some kind. Continue reading Get Pumped For Blockbuster Season With A New Supercut Of The Movies Of Summer 2017 at The Playlist.

While audiences haven’t always rewarded big, blockbuster properties treating themselves so seriously (hello, DC Films), Universal is rolling those dice for “The Mummy” in their contemporary spin on the classic movie monster. Tom Cruise takes a break from whatever “Mission: Impossible” stunt he’s working on to star in the film about an ancient evil that’s unleashed that he has to stop or else the world will turn to darkness or whatever. Continue reading Tom Cruise Finds Adventure In New International Trailer For ‘The Mummy’ at The Playlist.

We’re less than a month away from the summer movie season, although you would likely think otherwise if you’ve been to a theater near you lately. With hot titles like “Logan,” “Ghost in the Shell,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Power Rangers,” “Life,” “Kong: Skull Island,” “The Lego Batman Movie” and, err, “CHIPS” all playing in cinemas near you, it can be hard to differentiate between the sizzling summer selections and the ones that now play at seemingly any point in time of the year, no matter the season. Continue reading 2017 Summer Movie Preview: Blockbusters And Beyond at The Playlist.

Tom Cruise already has one bread and butter franchise with “Mission: Impossible,” but it looks like he might have another, taking the lead in Universal’s first monster movie universe movie with “The Mummy.” And a new trailer highlights its blockbuster ambitions. Directed by Alex Kurtzman, and co-written by Jon Spaihts (“Prometheus“) and longtime Cruise bud Christopher McQuarrie, the film features Sofia Boutella (“Kingsman: The Secret Service,” “Star Trek Beyond“) as the titular monster, whose ancient power is unleashed. Continue reading Ancient Power Is Unleashed In New Trailer For ‘The Mummy’ Starring Tom Cruise at The Playlist.

It might seem, from a glance, that our 100 Most Anticipated Films Of 2017 covers, well, every film coming out in 2017. But that’s far from the truth. We try to keep our annual preview to the films that we’re truly excited about, which means that there’s a lot left on the table. And often, it means that we don’t include some of the films destined to be among the biggest grossers. We love a great blockbuster, but a tentpole needs to look genuinely promising to make the cut for us, and explosion and CGI fatigue means that plenty of others don’t get there. Continue reading What Will Be The Biggest Box Office Blockbuster Of 2017? at The Playlist.

Oh, hopes were once so high for “Dracula Untold,” that vampire movie you forgot that was released in 2014 starring Luke Evans. As the movie was gearing up to hit theaters, it was announced that Universal would be embarking on a monster movie universe, and at first, the plan was to include “Dracula Untold.” “I was really excited to be part of that [world]. When we started out we weren’t [part of the series], but then we found out that they were going to do it,” the film’s producer Alissa Phillips said mere days before it was released. Continue reading Don’t Worry, ‘Dracula Untold’ Is Not Part Of The Universal Monster Movie Canon at The Playlist.