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The Movies That Changed My Life

With only two feature films under his belt to date, writer/director Adam Leon has made a big noise by using very little. His breakout film, “Gimme The Loot,” was fresh, exciting, and low-key caper film that captured the attention of SXSW, Cannes, and beyond. For his followup, Leon tells another intimate, authentic New York City story with “Tramps.” Premiering last fall at the Toronto International Film Festival, it may not have had glitzy A-list stars, but the crowd-pleasing charmer sparked a small bidding war, with streaming titans Netflix coming out on top. Continue reading The Movies That Changed My Life: ‘Tramps’ Director Adam Leon at The Playlist.

Brooklyn-based writer-director Tim Sutton makes challenging, daring and experimental films often culled together from micro-budgets. His debut “Pavilion” is a coming-of age statement, his follow up “Memphis” is a poetically fragmented look at a musician’s drifting life, and with his latest movie, “Dark Night,” Sutton continues to prove he’s one of the most fascinating on-the-rise indie filmmakers working today. Thought-provoking and unsettling, “Dark Night” is loosely based on “The Dark Knight Rises” movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado in 2014. Continue reading The Movies That Changed My Life: ‘Dark Night’ Director Tim Sutton at The Playlist.

Horror generally doesn’t get the respect it deserves at the Academy Awards, which makes it all the more remarkable that the U.K. selected Babak Anvari‘s “Under The Shadow” as its entry for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards this year. This speaks not only to the film’s quality, but also how deeply its themes resonate, ringing out far beyond its expected genre borders. Starring Narges Rashidi, Bobby Naderi, Avin Manshadi, Ray Haratian, Hamidreza Djavdan, and Soussan Farrokhnia, “Under The Shadow” tells a tightly-wound, increasingly nerve-jangling story that revolves around heroine Shideh and her family living in Tehran during the escalating tensions of the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s. Continue reading The Movies That Changed My Life: ‘Under The Shadow’ Director Babak Anvari at The Playlist.