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There was a time when documentary filmmaking felt a little bit like the red-headed stepchild of the film industry, and, to be sure, they still tend not to challenge fiction features at the box office unless they’re furiously topical political man…

If there isn’t already, there ought to be an improbably long German compound word to describe the slightly panicky, drowning feeling of overwhelmed anticipation that is one’s natural state when contemplating just how much good TV there is out there — and that’s even before additional shows like this week’s “GLOW” and “The Mist” have been piled onto the queue. Add in an appreciation of just how few hours there are in a day, and just how much “other stuff” one is supposed to be doing with one’s life, and the prospect of even making a dent in the mountain of unwatched Golden Age TV can actually trigger a full-blown panic attack. Continue reading The 25 Best TV Shows Of 2017 So Far at The Playlist.

With the massive successes of “The Jinx” and “Making a Murderer,” the true crime docuseries is a hot commodity right now. The newest true crime binge-watch is “The Keepers” on Netflix. The docuseries covers the 1969 murder of a nun in Baltimore. However, it seems like there was also another plot thread in the series that was explored but never made it to screen. Continue reading ‘The Keepers’ Director Edited Out A Whole Other Murder at The Playlist.

Who killed Sister Cathy? That’s the question on everyone’s mind in the first trailer for Netflix‘s “The Keepers,” a new documentary film about the 1969 murder of Cathy Cesnik, a nun and English teacher at Keough High School in Baltimore, Maryland. The mysterious nature of Cesnik’s death – and the institutional corruption that led to her tragic end – are the focus of Ryan White‘s (“Serena,” “The Case Against 8“) newest film, already being pitched by Netflix as 2015’s answer to their hit series “Making a Murderer.” Those who want to spoil themselves on the series – if it’s possible to spoil yourself on historical events, I suppose – would do well to read “Buried in Baltimore: The Mysterious Murder of a Nun Who Knew Too Much,” the longform report published by The Huffington Post in 2015 that explores the city and some of the events surrounding Cesnik’s murder. Continue reading Netflix Promises Another True Crime Hit With Its First Trailer For ‘The Keepers’ at The Playlist.