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“I was like, ‘You better pay me or I’m going to go public.’ And they did,” Robin Wright proclaimed last spring about finally achieving equal pay to her “House Of Cards” co-star Kevin Spacey, who was reportedly earning $500,000 per episode for the series in 2014, and I’d wager a bit more for the new season. However, when recently asked about her pay raise, Wright admits it didn’t quite work out the way she thought it would. Continue reading Robin Wright Didn’t Get The Equal Pay She Wanted On ‘House Of Cards’ at The Playlist.

Being absolutely terrible movies weren’t the only things that last year’s DCEU efforts “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and “Suicide Squad” had in common. When it came to their home-video releases, the pictures were both super-sized. Zack Snyder added a whopping half-hour of material to ‘Dawn Of Justice,’ while David Ayer padded out “Suicide Squad” by 13 minutes. However, if you thought that trend of adding bloat to DC Films was going to happen with “Wonder Woman,” guess again. Continue reading ‘Wonder Woman’ Doesn’t Have Any Deleted Scenes at The Playlist.

With “Twin Peaks” revived after twenty-six years, and “Arrested Development” finding new life on Netflix years after it was canceled on Fox, there is perhaps reason to keep hope alive for “Hannibal.” Fans were disappointed when NBC canceled the series after three seasons, but chatter has stayed constant about a possible return for Mads Mikkelsen as the titular cannibal, and Hugh Dancy as the FBI agent with whom he shares a deadly, bromantic connection. Continue reading Bryan Fuller Teases “Great Idea” For ‘Hannibal’ Season 4 at The Playlist.

FX seems to be blessed/cursed with a great problem: critically acclaimed shows whose creators are in no rush to make new seasons. Louis C.K. has already closed the curtain on “Louie,” the second season of “Atlanta” will only start lensing this fall as star Donald Glover had a little Han Solo movie to make first, and now “Fargo” looks like it’ll be saying goodbye. Continue reading FX Says There May Never Be Another Season Of ‘Fargo’ at The Playlist.

Given that I’m still behind on “Master Of None,” “Fargo,” and “The Leftovers” (among a handful of others), my bandwidth for new TV shows at the moment is pretty small (and only going to narrow with new seasons of “Bloodline” and “House Of Cards” coming up). Still, whatever Starz are doing on “American Gods,” it’s keeping me interested, and Gillian Anderson going full David Bowie certainly helps. Continue reading Gillian Anderson Is David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust In New ‘American Gods’ Teaser at The Playlist.

Fans of HBO‘s tech comedy “Silicon Valley” got a mix of good news and some surprising bad news today. The good? The hit program has been renewed for a fifth season. The bad? Erlich Bachman will not be back. The network has revealed that T.J. Miller, who plays the scruffy entrepreneur on the series, will not be returning, though it seems both sides are amicable about the situation. Continue reading T.J. Miller Won’t Be Returning For ‘Silicon Valley’ Season 5 at The Playlist.

With a wealth of critical accolades showered upon Aziz Ansari for “Master Of None” season two, the co-creator of Netflix‘s hit dramedy certainly has no shortage of options. In a strange way, Ansari is at a crossroads not unlike one his character Dev faces in the current season, when he’s given the opportunity to host “Clash Of The Cupcakes” for seven seasons. Continue reading Aziz Ansari In No Rush To Make ‘Master Of None’ Season 3 at The Playlist.

It’s not easy to get the tone of Elmore Leonard‘s books translated to the big screen, but 1995’s “Get Shorty” was one of the few times where everything clicked. Ironically, the sequel “Be Cool” showed what happens when you get the material totally wrong. Now, Epix is going to try and make “Get Shorty” work as a TV series, and the first taste has now landed. Continue reading First Trailer For ‘Get Shorty’ TV Series Starring Chris O’Dowd & Ray Romano at The Playlist.

This week, Netflix will launch the final season of “Bloodline,” but if you’re still hankering for moody familial drama, you can spend your summer with “Ozark.” Created by Bill Dubuque (“The Judge“), and starring Jason Bateman (who also directed), Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, and Skylar Gaertner, the show follows a family who tries get out from some very bad business. Continue reading It’s More Money, More Problems For Jason Bateman In First Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Ozark’ at The Playlist.

As Netflix grows, the longterm endgame for the service to rely less on licensing content from Hollywood studios and production companies, and to continue to pursuing their own diverse slate of original programming. The part of this plan that doesn’t get discussed much is that if Netflix doesn’t want to litter their service with one-season programs, they have to keep funding their series, even if the viewership numbers are low (like, seriously, is anyone watching “Flaked“?) Cancellations are rare on Netflix, and even rarer still after a single season, but one high profile show is getting the axe. Continue reading Netflix Cancels ‘The Get Down,’ Baz Luhrmann Says He’s Focused On Movies at The Playlist.