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Justin Hurwitz talks La La Land and future projects South by Southwest, the annual film and music festival in Austin, […] The post Justin Hurwitz Talks La La Land and Future Projects appeared first on

SXSW has come and gone and with it a score of interesting and fun films The post South by Southwest Film Wrap Up appeared first on

The whole murderous-alien-aboard-a-spaceship trope has been around since at least 1958’s “It! The Terror from Beyond Space,” which was initially viewed as a typical, below-average drive-in movie about a doomed Mars expedition. Of course, that movie suddenly took on more importance when the creative team behind “Alien” cited it as a major inspiration. Since “Alien,” of course, there have been countless riffs on this idea (including a handful of actual “Alien” sequels and spin-offs) – a ragtag crew of space explorers or profiteers venture into some darkened corner of the galaxy in the name of scientific progress or capitalism, unwittingly encounter vicious otherworldly killing machines, and get turned into bloody zero-G globs. Continue reading ‘Life’ With Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson & Ryan Reynolds Is A Pleasurably Old Fashioned Sci-Fi Thriller [SXSW Review] at The Playlist.

Since they formed in 2000, The Avett Brothers has swelled their fandom from the locals of their North Carolina roots, to sprawling crowds that flood stadiums of sold out world tours, all lured by this beloved band’s whimsical mix of folk rock, country, bluegrass, pop and punk. Among these fervent fans is film producer Judd Apatow, who teamed with RadicalMedia to bring the origin story of this heart-warming musical act to SXSW with “May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers.” Apatow and documentarian Michael Bonfiglio share directing credit on the documentary that that travels from the Avett Brothers’ lively stage shows, to their loving homes, and the studio where they recorded the album “True Sadness.” Fans of the Brothers will relish the film’s earnestness in showcasing their authenticity and easy appeal, as well as the intimate moments of this fun-loving family. Continue reading The Avett Brothers Share Their Origins And Souls In ‘May It Last’ [SXSW Review] at The Playlist.

To be clear: I’m not familiar with Neil Gaiman‘s source material, so my only information on “American Gods” is down to the cast (hey, Ian McShane and Crispin Glover!) and from Twitter, where I’ve learned there is a character named New God Internet. Uh, okay. Anyway, a new trailer for the Starz series is here and the fans seem to love it anyway. Continue reading War Is Coming In Bloody New Trailer For ‘American Gods’ at The Playlist.

Someone once said to me that they wished James Cameron would do other people’s action scenes for them. This was back in the heyday when the one-time “King of the World” was the preeminent action filmmaker of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” and “True Lies.” While there have been notable action films in the 20+ years since those, few have grabbed the guts of hardcore aficionados. Continue reading ‘Atomic Blonde’ Delivers Great Action In Too Minimal Capacity [SXSW Review] at The Playlist.

“As much fun as you can have watching six people crawl on a floor for 90 minutes.” The post Free Fire Review appeared first on