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It doesn’t get talked about by the TV press as much as “Male Anti-Hero Drama Variation No. 5743,” but the first season of “The Girlfriend Experience” was one of our favorite bits of television of last year. In fact, it took second place in our Best TV of 2016 piece, so much did we love Starz’s adaptation of Steven Soderbergh’s movie, produced by Soderbergh himself and directed by the indie dream team of Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz. Continue reading ‘Girlfriend Experience’ Directors Lodge Kerrigan & Amy Seimetz Won’t Return For Season 3 at The Playlist.

This month, Steven Soderbergh “returned” (he was never really gone) with “Logan Lucky,” which frankly, more people should’ve gone to see. And considering it’s still in cinemas, and that the rest of August is garbage dump for movies, you have no excuse not to see it. Anyway, as per usual, the director has a number of things on the horizon including the iPhone shot “Unsane,” and the app-driven HBO project “Mosaic,” which will be arriving in a two flavors. Continue reading Steven Soderbergh Wanted To Remake Ishirō Honda’s ‘Matango’ at The Playlist.

This weekend, Steven Soderbergh return to cinemas with “Logan Lucky,” and few people showed up. It’s a real shame because not only are audiences missing one of the most purely enjoyable films of the summer, but for folks who are nerds about the technical side of things, it’s truly a wonder. While the heist comedy might not seem like it, “Logan Lucky” is a showcase of masterful filmmaking by Soderbergh. Continue reading Steven Soderbergh Explains Why “A Film Should Work For An Audience Without Any Sound” at The Playlist.

In recent weeks, the filmmaker has done a flurry of interviews saying he wants to buck the traditional Hollywood model for releasing movies. read more Source: Hollywood Reporter Box Office

Logan Lucky” races into cinemas today, with Steven Soderbergh firing on all cylinders for his hugely enjoyable heist comedy. But as always, the director is shifting gears for his next effort, the HBO project “Mosaic.” The project, which has been kept under wraps for quite some time, stars Garrett Hedlund and Sharon Stone, with Ed Solomon (“Men in Black,” “Charlie’s Angels“) writing the script for the story that will allow users to pursue different narrative paths, utilizing a new state-of-the-art app. Continue reading Steven Soderbergh Reveals 2 Versions Of HBO Project ‘Mosaic’ at The Playlist.

‘Logan Lucky’ is director Steven Soderbergh’s first film in four years. read more Source: Hollywood Reporter Box Office

“If you’d like to see a blend of Ocean’s 11 and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, then Logan Lucky is for you.” The post Logan Lucky Review appeared first on

Steven Soderbergh is “back” this week with “Logan Lucky,” and though everyone likes to play with the narrative that he was gone, that’s not really the case. While the director did step away from feature films for a bit, he was still working ridiculously hard, shooting and editing two seasons of the outstanding “The Knick” himself. He’s also got his HBO project “Mosaic” on the way, he’s producing next summer’s “Ocean’s 8,” and probably has a few more things in the works we don’t even know about yet. Continue reading Steven Soderbergh Praises M. Night Shyamalan, Says ‘Che’ Soured Him On Prestige Movies at The Playlist.

Steven Soderbergh, at this moment, is probably multitasking between half a dozen different projects. The prolific filmmaker doesn’t have any need for a fidget spinner, because if he ever feels antsy, he likely just starts working on something new. Later this month, his wildly entertaining “Logan Lucky” will hit cinemas, but of course, he’s got even more projects cooking. GQ reveals that his recently announced, iPhone shot “Unsane” starring Claire Foy and Juno Temple is a horror movie. Continue reading Steven Soderbergh Going Horror With ‘Unsane,’ ‘Panama Papers’ Still In The Works at The Playlist.

You never really know when something’s going to cause a big stir on the interwebs, especially inside baseball jobs. Today, THR wrote a piece questioning the authenticity of the screenwriter Rebecca Blunt, credited as writing filmmaker Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming hillbilly heist movie “Logan Lucky” starring Channing Tatum, Riley Keough, Adam Driver and, as the final credits say, “introducing Daniel Craig among many others. Continue reading Writer Of Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Logan Lucky’ Revealed at The Playlist.