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Even as summer season flop “The Dark Tower” took major hits from critics, and stories emerged about its fractious post-production, everyone involved put on their game faces. Just days before the critically slammed picture opened, “The Walki…

For an author who as already seen plenty of adaptations of his work, 2017 has been a bit of a banner year for Stephen King. On television, “The Mist” and “Mr. Mercedes” unfolded, at the multiplex “The Dark Tower” and…

It has been one helluva year for Stephen King fans. On the film front they got “It,” “The Dark Tower,” “Gerald’s Game,” and “1922” while the small screen delivered “The Mist” and “…

1984 Stephen King adaptation pulls its punches but is still a fun, gruesome horror movie The post Children of the Corn Blu-ray Review appeared first on

The R-rated horror blockbuster is the first September release to ever cross $200 million, much less approach $300 million. read more Source: Hollywood Reporter Box Office

The film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel isn’t the only R-rated horror pic that elusive teens are flocking to see, explaining why the genre is scaring up huge business at the box office. read more Source: Hollywood Reporter Box Office

As a Stephen King agnostic myself, I have remained largely indifferent to the ubiquity of King-related film and television content this year. This hasn’t been easy, as 2017 is angling — as aggressively as possible — to be the Year of Stephen King. I feel as though I’ve been bombarded with promos for (and breathless articles about) “The Dark Tower,” “It,” “The Mist,” and, to a lesser extent, “Mr. Continue reading ‘1922’ Trailer: The Dead Don’t Stay Dead In Latest Stephen King Adaptation at The Playlist.

In honor of Stephen King’s 70th birthday, actress flashes back on the making of the 1976 adaptation The post Interview: Sissy Spacek Remembers Making Carrie appeared first on

‘American Assassin’ also beats ‘mother!,’ an elevated horror film which earned an F CinemaScore and marked the worst wide opening of Jennifer Lawrence’s career with $7.5 million. read more Source: Hollywood Reporter Box Office