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You have to kind of admire Sony and Media Rights Capital for bravely pressing on with “The Dark Tower.” Despite the picture being beaten up critically and expecting a less than stellar opening weekend, the producers are still going ahead with the planned TV spinoff. Presumably, that means they’re still toying with the idea with a big screen sequel, and Stephen King hopes that it’ll truly go for broke (if the movie ever gets made). Continue reading Stephen King Wants R-Rated ‘The Dark Tower’ Sequel, If It Ever Happens at The Playlist.

While Stephen King has been almost as much of a fixture on television as he has in film, most small screen adaptations have resided in the fantasy and horror realms he creates. With Audience Network‘s crime drama “Mr. Mercedes,” viewers are treated to one of his more realistic narratives, but it features enough hallmarks of the author’s work – graphic violence, a terrifying villain and strong characters – to satisfy his longtime fans. Continue reading ‘Mr. Mercedes’ Brings Stephen King’s Detective To The Small Screen [Review] at The Playlist.

“It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just terribly, terribly rote.” The post The Dark Tower Review appeared first on

“Where I come from we don’t have chicken,” Matthew McConaughey, the evil Walter o’Dim aka the “Man in Black” says sincerely and diabolically at one point, in Sony’s remarkably inept and impenetrable adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” book series. It’s a throwaway line, both hilariously stupid and perhaps even intentionally funny, that surprisingly receives some genuine laughs. But other than some rather very arbitrary and asinine jokes about the species of animal the characters are eating, and some tonally odd gags, “The Dark Tower” is as dumb as any tasteless fowl. Continue reading ‘The Dark Tower’ Is A Dump No Audience Should Have To Live In [Review] at The Playlist.