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It’s interesting how the “Star Wars” universe converses with itself. The Disney XD animated series “Star Wars: Rebels” was set in the years between “Revenge Of The Sith” and “Star Wars: A New Hope,” essentially when the Galactic Empire was extending its dominion across the galaxy and hunting Jedis down. But when it first started, “Star Wars Rebels” was still one of those shows far, far off spin offs that lived within the universe, but centered on side adventures of previously unknown insurgents against the Imperial forces. Continue reading ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 4 Trailer Inches Closer To ‘Rogue One’ With Saw Gerrera at The Playlist.

One of the more interesting components of the newly Disney-owned “Star Wars” universe is its animated output and that output’s relationship with the former “expanded universe” of material. The “expanded universe,” comprised of all of the novels, comic books, video games, and assorted miscellanea that was officially licensed, but not one of the six “saga” films, was something that fans, for years, considered to be canon. But when Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, the company quietly shuffled all that material into a category of “Legends” (i.e. Continue reading ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Won’t End With The Final ‘Rogue One’ Battle [‘Star Wars’ Celebration Panel] at The Playlist.