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Yes, “Venom” is actually real and coming to cinemas later this year. The long developing project has always been a bit enigmatic, and it continues to be as it may or may not directly touch the universe established with “Spider-Man: Ho…

Even though we’re distracted by the Cannes Film Festival, the latest news on Sony‘s “Venom” is still knocking us back on our heels a bit, as a creative team comes together for the first film for what the studio hopes will be yet another cinematic universe. Tom Hardy is signed up to lead “Venom,” with Ruben Fleischer (“Zombieland,” “Gangster Squad“) directing. Continue reading Tom Hardy To Star In Ruben Fleischer Directed ‘Venom’ at The Playlist.

Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise) is attached to write the film as an action comedy The post Archer & Armstrong Movie Gets Ruben Fleischer to Direct appeared first on

Mel Gibson‘s comeback campaign last year, which culminated in multiple Oscar nominations for “Hacksaw Ridge,” included plenty of interviews with press, and the controversial filmmaker didn’t hold back his opinions when it came Hollywood’s blockbuster budget bloat and superhero movies. “What did they spend on ‘Batman v Superman’ that they’re admitting to?” Gibson asked rhetorically in September. “And it’s a piece of shit,” he added. Continue reading Warner Bros. Eyes Mel Gibson To Direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’ at The Playlist.

It looks like we now know which movie Chris Evans is going to squeeze in between Captain America appearances. Deadline is reporting that Evans is set to star in the upcoming Lionsgate thriller “Jekyll.” He was rumored earlier this year to be circling the project, but it looks like now it’s official. Despite what you may be thinking, “Jekyll” is not a simple retelling of the classic “Dr. Continue reading Chris Evans To Star In Ruben Fleischer’s Big Screen Remake Of Steven Moffat’s TV Series ‘Jekyll’ at The Playlist.

Ever since 2013’s “Gangster Squad,” director Ruben Fleischer has kept busy in TV, but he’s hasn’t gone behind the camera on any feature films. But it’s not for lack of trying. He’s lined up a number of projects, with none managing to get going, including: a big screen adaptation of “Cops”; heist flick “The Life And Times Of The Stopwatch Gang” with Miles Teller attached; an untitled drug mule drama; the “Home Alone”-esque “Overnight”; and an untitled sci-fi flick. Continue reading Ruben Fleischer To Direct Alien Invasion Flick ‘The Regional Office Is Under Attack’ at The Playlist.

Over the weekend arrived some disappointing and rather unexpected news: Tim Miller, the visual effects artist who made his feature directorial debut with this February’s refreshingly entertaining “Deadpool,” would not return for the planned 2018 sequel. While star/producer Ryan Reynolds’ endless enthusiasm for the foul-mouthed Marvel character played a huge role in the anti-superhero blockbuster’s phenomenal success, both financially and critically, Miller’s involvement was, in many ways, just as vital. Continue reading 5 Directors Who Should Direct ‘Deadpool 2’ at The Playlist.