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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Led by ‘Beauty and the Beast’, imported films took $935 million last year, which registered the second-biggest box office numbers of all time. read more Source: Hollywood Reporter Box Office

Best of this; top 20 that; breakthrough the other. At some point in our ever-comprehensive year-end coverage, especially after a pretty great movie year like this one, we simply get sick and tired of scanning our thesauruses for synonyms for “awe…

Box-office disappointments like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ and ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ pulled down results. read more Source: Hollywood Reporter Box Office

Don’t you just haaaate good movies (like the ones we counted down last week in our 25 Best Films of 2017 So Far)? Aren’t you just sick and bloody tired of walking out of a theater feeling entertained, refreshed and intellectually challenged, or switching off your TV at night having been caught up in a beautifully imagined world that seemed to spring fully formed from the mind of an inventive and uncompromising filmmaker? I know we are! Continue reading The 20 Worst Films Of 2017 So Far at The Playlist.

When beloved thespians take on roles in faceless blockbusters, fans can often get a sinking feeling in their chest, knowing that their talents probably aren’t being put to their best use. However, from an actor’s perspective, a big tentpole movie not only offers financial incentives, but an opportunity to work on a production where an incredibly gifted and huge crew of people are coming together to create something spectacular on a grand scale. And often, that alone is its own reward. Continue reading Javier Bardem Explains Why He Starred In ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Beyond A “Good Paycheck” at The Playlist.

Call it coincidence, but today The Playlist spent some time around the watercooler talking about Rotten Tomatoes, and more specifically, it’s cruel system that makes critics choose from a binary choice between Fresh or Rotten when submitting their reviews. It means that something like “Wonder Woman,” which we had issues with an issued a C+ grade comes out as Fresh, or Noah Baumbach‘s “The Meyerowitz Stories,” given a B- grade, coming out as Rotten. Continue reading Studios Reportedly Blame Rotten Tomatoes For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ & ‘Baywatch’ Tanking at The Playlist.

Memorial Day revenue at the domestic box office falls to its lowest level in nearly two decades; overseas, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ makes up ground with a $208.4 million launch. read more Source: Hollywood Reporter Box Office