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Is it time for the Dakota Fanning-aissance? The actress held the Fanning family limelight for a quite a while, but it has since been overtaken by her sister Elle Fanning. However, with a hotly buzzed new series coming soon with “The Alienist,&#82…

It seems that anthology series’ are making something of a comeback recently, with FX running multiple season long anthologies from “Fargo” to “American Crime Story” to “Feud” and beyond. Hulu’s new show, however, seems to be following Netflix’s “Black Mirror” (with a dash of “Stranger Things“) with their own sci-fi fantasy anthology series “Dimension 404.” Telling different stories about futuristic technological advances, each episode is a self contained story with Mark Hamill bridging the episodes by serving as the series narrator. Continue reading Hulu Mixes ‘Stranger Things’ & ‘Black Mirror’ In Trailer For Anthology Series ‘Dimension 404’ at The Playlist.

We live in the age of TMI and everyone sharing their thoughts and experiences seemingly moment by moment. And as that happens, there are no shortage of advertisers, data specialists and more, vacuuming up the trailer of information we leave behind about the products we like, the places we visit, the books we read, and even where our political affiliations may lie. And that serves as the foundation for James Ponsoldt‘s “The Circle.” Based on the book by Dave Eggers, and starring Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, and John Boyega, the story follows a young woman who lands a great job at a leading, Google-esque tech firm that pushes the idea on their users of full transparency. Continue reading Emma Watson Discovers The Secret Of ‘The Circle’ In New Trailer at The Playlist.

With no major new, wide releases opening over the weekend, there is a brief moment of calm at the multiplex before things get really crazy for the rest of December. And it’s the perfect opportunity to catch the animated “Nerdland” on the big screen. On Tuesday, December 6th Fathom Events will be hosting a special event screening of the movie that features the voices of Paul Rudd, Patton Oswalt, Hannibal Buress, Reid Scott, Mike Judge, Riki Lindhome, Kate Micucci, Laraine Newman, Brendon Small, John Ennis, and Paul Scheer, that tells the story of two friends and aspiring actors who are determined to enter their 30s with a taste of fame. Continue reading Exclusive: Time To Go Shopping In Clip From Animated ‘Nerdland’ Starring Patton Oswalt & Paul Rudd at The Playlist.