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Oscars 2017

There are often serious disadvantages to be labeled an Oscar bait picture. The perception of being a movie greenlit partially with the intent of earning Academy Award nominations (because let’s be frank, it’s always about making money first from a studio perspective) can be a heavy burden to bear. In many ways it’s something Christopher Nolan has dealt with ever since he burst on the scene in 2000 with “Memento” and earned a Best Original Screenplay nomination the next year. Continue reading ‘Dunkirk’ And Christopher Nolan Have Oscars In Their Sights at The Playlist.

The 89th Academy Awards will go down in history for the inspiring choice of “Moonlight” as Best Picture and the mess that found “La La Land” mistakenly announced as the winner beforehand.  On this week’s podcast, Dan Fienberg, the television critic of The Hollywood Reporter (and also our first returning guest), and I break down the telecast and that moment which has become a modern Zapruder film.  A mistake so unexpected that the more you watch it the more details you catch. Continue reading 4 Quadrant Podcast: Breaking Down The Oscars Best Picture Mistake With Dan Fienberg at The Playlist.

It’s the biggest bungle in Oscars history, so it only follows that the Hollywood trades are covering it with all the intensity of a congressional hearing. And while it might not have all the sizzle of a Washington-based scandal — this one involves mishandled envelopes and tweeting — the players are high-profile, and an entire industry has been left embarrassed. In case you’re just visiting from the planet Mars, you’ll know that on Sunday night, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway‘s presentation of Best Picture was marred when “La La Land” was initially announced, only for the trophy to be taken away and given to “Moonlight” instead. Continue reading Oscars 2017: Jimmy Kimmel, Damien Chazelle & Producer Michael De Luca React To Best Picture Bungle at The Playlist.

It has been a rough week for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Best Picture bungling is all anyone can talk about from the Sunday night’s ceremonies, and Warren Beatty himself is demanding that clearer answers about what happened, while many are wondering what the repercussions might be. The Academy has finally broken their silence, with Cheryl Boone Isaacs telling the Associated Press that Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz, the accountants responsible for handling the envelopes, have been barred from future Oscars. Continue reading The Academy Says Accountants Responsible For Best Picture Fiasco Barred From Future Oscars & Apologies For In Memoriam Error at The Playlist.

Playing out with all the intrigue of a political scandal, the fallout from the Best Picture fiasco at the Oscars on Sunday night continues. PricewaterhouseCoopers Managing Partner Brian Cullinan is getting most of the heat for allowing the wrong envelope to wind up in the hands of Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. Just prior to the Best Picture winner being announced, Cullinan was backstage tweeting a picture of Emma Stone, who had just won Best Actress — but as the USA Today reports, that might’ve been a major breach of protocol. Continue reading Warren Beatty Wants Answers From The Academy About The Oscars Best Picture Fiasco at The Playlist.

Yes, we know the Oscars were three very long days ago, but there is much to unpack beyond the whole Best Picture envelope fiasco. The awards season in general was not short on controversy, most of it landing on “The Birth Of A Nation” director Nate Parker, who saw the frontrunner status of his film implode when details surrounding his 2001 trial for rape resurfaced (he was acquitted), and it was learned that his accuser later committed suicide. Continue reading Best Actor Oscar Winner Casey Affleck Addresses Sexual Harassment Allegations at The Playlist.

Something that has actually been lost in the entire Best Picture envelope mix-up over the past two days is a pretty monumental fact about this year’s winner, “Moonlight.” Barry Jenkins’ acclaimed drama is the first gay movie to ever win Best Picture. That’s, um, sort of a big deal. Yes, “Moonlight” is many things but it’s profoundly a gay movie. Just like “Carol,” “Milk,” “The Kids Are All Right” and “Brokeback Mountain” are. Continue reading Your Daily Reminder: ‘Moonlight’ Is The First LGBTQ Movie To Win Best Picture at The Playlist.

It wasn’t the best way to win Best Picture, but Barry Jenkins and the folks behind “Moonlight“ handled it with class, even if the biggest moment in their career was marred by “envelope gate.” It’s been a helluva journey for Jenkins and co. ever since the film first unspooled last fall, and undoubtedly everyone is still spinning a bit. But in the clearer light of day and away from the glitz and intensity of the Oscars, Jenkins reveals what he would’ve said on that stage had things gone smoothly. Continue reading ‘Moonlight’ Director Barry Jenkins Reveals The Best Picture Speech He Would’ve Given at The Playlist.

Sunday night’s Oscars ended in one seismic Hollywood event that largely obliterated the memory of any earlier tremors. But some of those lesser quakes may actually turn out to have more lasting consequences than the Best Picture announcement omnishambles (our costly, impractical, left-field suggestion for how to avoid a similar cock-up in future? Color-coded envelopes). Among the less sexy but potentially more game-changing records broken at the 89th ceremony was this little nugget: 2017 saw the first Academy Awards at which movies financed by streaming services gained the industry’s highest honor. Continue reading Netflix, Amazon, ‘The Irishman’ & The Academy: Oscars In The Age Of Streaming at The Playlist.

Nobody knew the Oscars could be so complicated. One of the biggest flubs in the show’s history — “La La Land” being mistakenly awarded Best Picture — is still being felt, and while the moment does have some silver linings, and shouldn’t overshadow the monumental achievement of “Moonlight,” there’s still the sense that there’s some explaining to do, and repercussions to follow. And the The Academy is promising just that. Continue reading Academy Apologizes For Oscars “Envelope Gate” at The Playlist.