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While it might not be at the same level of Steven Spielberg‘s absurdly great cast for “The Papers,” the ensemble assembled for Andy Samberg‘s “Tour De Pharmacy” is not slouching one bit. Orlando Bloom, Daveed Diggs, John Cena, Dolph Lundgren, Phylicia Rashad, James MarsdenDanny GloverFreddie Highmore, Julia Ormond, Mike Tyson, and Jeff Goldblum are all joining in the fun of this HBO comedy. Continue reading Andy Samberg Races Into Comedy In New Trailer For ‘Tour De Pharmacy’ at The Playlist.

An expensive, over-the-top “adaptation” of a theme park ride, Jerry Bruckheimer’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” seemed all but doomed to fail in 2003. The knives were out, the critics were skeptical, and the idea of story cobbled out of kiddie ride seemed preposterous. Astonishingly, and against all odds, director Gore Verbinski invigorated the often-dismissed pirate genre, with a cavalier spirit and rollicking, cartoonish exuberance. Add the surprisingly inspired performance by Johnny Depp as the almost immediately iconic Jack Sparrow and the result was swashbuckling entertainment with a capital E. Continue reading ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Is A Tedious, Rudderless Blockbuster Sequel [Review] at The Playlist.

While everyone slept on last year’s hilarious “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping,” it’s good to know that Andy Samberg still has outlets for comedy beyond the very fun “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” He’s found a home at HBO who backed 2015’s uneven tennis comedy, “7 Days in Hell,” and now Samberg is taking to the world of sports again, this time with the cycling comedy “Tour De Pharmacy.” READ MORE: It’s Game On For Emma Stone & Steve Carell In First Trailer For ‘Battle Of The Sexes’ In case the title didn’t tip you off, the movie will detail a drug-fuelled bike tournament, and there will be plenty of cameos and stars along with way, with John Cena, Daveed Diggs, Orlando Bloom, Freddie Highmore, J.J. Continue reading First Trailer For Andy Samberg’s HBO Comedy ‘Tour de Pharmacy’ With John Cena, Orlando Bloom, Freddie Highmore, More at The Playlist.

Now on the fifth film of a franchise I can’t imagine anybody thought would last this long when it first started, you might think that the creatives behind the scenes would be running out of ideas. You would be wrong. There will be ghost sharks in “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” because hey, why the hell not. They’ve managed to toss pretty much everything else they possibly could’ve into the these things. Continue reading New Trailer For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Sails The High Seas at The Playlist.

Given the state of the world right now, and the rhetoric coming from a certain statesman, I’m not sure I’m in the mood for a B-movie thriller about terrorists. But if you’re feeling like you could use some imaginary geo-political intrigue rather than whatever is going on in reality, then “Unlocked” might fit the bill. Certainly, the cast is pretty good with Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, Michael Douglas, Toni Collette, and John Malkovich starring in the story that follows a CIA operative who gets compromised and has to fight to discover the truth. Continue reading Noomi Rapace Hunts For A Terrorist In First Trailer For ‘Unlocked’ at The Playlist.

In the on-going blitz of Netflix Originals we’ve been experiencing so far in 2016, Joe Swanberg’s “Easy” feels like a homing missile that has all the explosive resonance of a beach ball. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Filled with familiar faces, compartmentalized into bite-sized 30-minute shorts, and produced, directed, and written by the master and commander of mumblecore, “Easy” takes a light-hearted and accessible approach (no, really) to portray mid-life modern romance in Chicago, with the hopes of digging up some pretty heavy-duty stuff underneath terrifyingly ordinary lives. Continue reading Joe Swanberg’s ‘Easy’ Is Two or Three Joe Swanberg Movies Cut Into Eight Semi-Appetizing Pieces [Review] at The Playlist.

In case you’re wondering why they’re still making these “Pirates Of Caribbean” movies, to date, they’ve earned $3.7 billion worldwide. Two of the movies have crossed $1 billion worldwide all on their own. And while Johnny Depp‘s recent controversies may seem to be an indication that the franchise could be headed into choppy waters, it hasn’t prevented the actor from getting more work and it seems his career will be just fine. Continue reading Johnny Depp Is A Wanted Man In First Trailer For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ at The Playlist.

Walt Disney Pictures has released the first Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales teaser trailer. Hit the jump to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales trailer and leave your thoughts in the comments. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Trailer Here is the first Pirates of the […] The post ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Teaser Trailer appeared first on /Film.