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  Op-ed asks the question: are contemporary horror films “too white”? The Hollywood Reporter recently posted a story about the […] The post Mainstream Horror: Where’s the Diversity? appeared first on

Welcome to the United States, our PTSD Nation. As we witness the lives of more American families destroyed in Orlando in a single weekend — from that of The Voice singer Christina Grimmie to the 50 killed and 53 injured inside the Pulse  nightclub claimed by terrorism — conversation inevitably turns to America’s gun culture. This is a multi-pronged problem which I have covered before in an editorial about violence, but we must address this nation’s easy access to guns

It only occurred to me in retrospect, but when I signed on to play Amy in Justin Spitzer‘s Superstore, it was the first part I’d ever been offered that hadn’t been written as Latina. I never think of myself as a Latino person; I’m simply a person. And as an actor, I feel capable of inhabiting all kinds of roles and telling all kinds of stories. When I read scripts, I can imagine playing many different kinds of roles. And when this script came to me, they’d already begun…