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As Bong Joon-Ho‘s “Okja” gears up to hit Netflix, the debate around the company’s impact on theatrical releases and cinema chains refusing to book their movies if they’re going day-and-date on the streaming service continues to unfold. Even in the director’s native South Korea, cinemas are gearing up to block the movie, but Bong Joon-Ho believes this is short sighted thinking. “I fully understand the multiplexes asking for a minimum three-week hold back,” the filmmaker said about the demands being made by cinema owners. Continue reading Believe In ‘Okja’ In New Trailer For Bong Joon-Ho’s Netflix Movie at The Playlist.

In Bong Joon-ho’s “Okja” Tilda Swinton plays Lucy Miranda, a first-time CEO who wants to bring her family’s disgraced company into the 21st Century by solving the world’s food shortage problems. She appears at the beginning of the film during a press conference announcing a contest to raise the best “super pig” with different farmers around the country. When this writer saw “Okja” in Cannes Swinton seemed to be channeling a combination of Stepford Wife, Paris Hilton and, in voice and diction, none other than Katy Perry. Continue reading Tilda Swinton Clarifies: She Never Said Her ‘Okja’ Character Was Based On Ivanka Trump at The Playlist.

We’re firmly into June now, and fast bearing down on the midpoint of 2017, a year that’s fast shaping up to the longest goddamn year in history (fun fact: at the start of 2017, Barack Obama was President of the United States!). Fortunately, between the insanity of the news, it’s been a pretty strong film year on the whole. Sure, not all of the blockbusters have been great (*side eye to “The Mummy”*), but some have been terrific, and we’ve also seen several great and unexpected movies get their due at the box office. Continue reading The 25 Best Films Of 2017 So Far at The Playlist.

While Netflix may have calculated how lucrative it is to fill the worldwide need for instant movie and TV gratification, the streaming service has yet to figure out how to get their movies into cinemas without controversy. The company’s ironclad day-and-date approach has seen almost every major movie chain in the United States refuse to work with them, as they believe having a movie stream at the same time it’s in theaters, doesn’t make economic sense. Continue reading Cinema Chains In South Korea May Block Theatrical Release Of Bong Joon-Ho’s ‘Okja’ at The Playlist.

One of the biggest stories going into this year’s Cannes Film Festival was the controversy surrounding Netflix and the festival. With the inclusion of two Netflix original films, “Okja” and “The Meyerowitz Stories,” in the festival, film purists and theater distributors (specifically in France, where films released in cinemas must wait 36 months before streaming) were upset that Cannes would show films that would have no major theatrical release. Continue reading Netflix CEO Says Cannes Controversy Was “Fantastic For Us” at The Playlist.

The South Korean filmmakers are where it’s at and they’ve been leading the wave for international cinema for quite some time, often doing a tonal balancing act of humor, drama, horror, weirdness and more. At the top of the list arguably in Bong Joon Ho, the director behind, “The Host,” “Mother,” “Snowpiercer and his latest, “Okja.” And it sounds like another loopy, strange piece of world cinema. Continue reading Get Drunk, Rebellious & Shabby With Awesome New ‘Okja’ Character Posters at The Playlist.

Just yesterday, our team at the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival put the finishing touches on their coverage, and as per usual it looked like an amazing time to be at the world’s biggest annual celebration of cinema as an art form. (Of course, don’t forget, the business is always lurking nearby.) We eagerly await those titles to make their way to cinemas so us boring old regular moviegoers can get in on the fun. Continue reading 11 Movies To See In June at The Playlist.

The Cannes Film Festival 2017 has wrapped, and the 4-strong Playlist team have all returned to their respective corners of the planet. But just before we slip entirely back into the real world, and catch up on everything we missed while away (it was certainly a glorious fortnight’s respite from politics), let’s run through our festival highs and lows, our personal experiences, and the trends and tunes that will forever mark Cannes 2017 out for all its attendees. Continue reading Cannes 2017: Best & Worst Films, Trends And Tunes at The Playlist.

While “Twin Peaks” may be stealing some of the Cannes Film Festival’s spotlight since this weekend’s premiere of the new season (the first two episodes of the series screen this week on the Croisette), there’s still lots of talk swirling around the most prestigious film festival in the world. And no, we don’t mean the walking-talking-dancing robot installation that’s been striding up and down the Boulevard de la Croisette. Continue reading Cannes: Netflix & Yorgos Lanthimos Lead The Buzz On The Croisette at The Playlist.