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Noah Taylor

Early word on 2014’s “Paddington” was tentative at best. The live-action/CGI revival of the iconic British children’s character, created by Michael Bond (who passed away sadly this year) gave off a slight early whiff of “Garfield” or “Marmaduke,” had a rather unpromising early trailer, and even spawned the Creepy Paddington meme in advance of its release. But when Paul King‘s film arrived, it proved to be a delight: a near-Pixar level of family entertainment with big laughs, a gigantic heart, real cinematic magic, and an utterly vital message about refugees. Continue reading Full Trailer For ‘Paddington 2’ With Ben Whishaw & Hugh Grant [Watch] at The Playlist.

I don’t think it’s spoiling anything to say that Sharlto Copley is the best part of Ben Wheatley‘s “Free Fire.” The only character in the film who seems to have no clue how a gunfight is supposed to work – in one scene in the film, he leads an increasingly anxious line of inquiry about how long it’ll take someone to bleed out – Copley’s character gives the South African actor a chance to dial his normally restrained screen presence (kidding) all the way to eleven. Continue reading Sharlto Copley Battles Infection In This Exclusive NSFW ‘Free Fire’ Clip at The Playlist.