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With the proliferation of affordable digital cameras, and the ability to shoot insanely high quality video on something as small as an iPhone, more than ever the advice given to budding filmmakers is: just start filming. Well, director David Lowery seems to know what he wanted to do ever since the age of seven-and-a-half, and didn’t waste a moment figuring out how to make a movie. Now, he’s shared the first film he ever made and it’s pretty adorable stuff. Continue reading David Lowery Shares His Adorable Childhood Remake Of ‘Poltergeist’ at The Playlist.

Upon its release in 1982, “Blade Runner” had so much studio interference, that its history has been plagued with ups and downs. Receiving mixed reviews, the film came and went upon release, but ended up receiving a cult following on home video, which had its director Ridley Scott amped up and screening his own versions to audiences around the country for the next few years. There have been several versions of “Blade Runner,” seven to be specific, but the ultimate version will always be “The Final Cut” which got rid of the narration, left us with an extra final brilliant shot, and fixed many of the plot holes that were present in the original. Continue reading Denis Villeneuve Says ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Will Be His Director’s Cut at The Playlist.

Less than five minutes into “Star Trek: Discovery,” we’re pips-deep in technobabble, Klingon dialogue, and a callout to Kahless. This show isn’t afraid of going geeky and pleasing fans at the exclusion of outsiders, but it also looks as good as the big-screen blockbusters that draw opening weekend crowds in the millions. Most of those millions didn’t know Drax the Destroyer from Ronan the Accuser before flocking to “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and they may give “Star Trek: Discovery” the same benefit of the doubt if their knowledge of Gene Roddenberry‘s universe doesn’t extend past J.J. Continue reading ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is the Show Fans Have Been Waiting For [Review] at The Playlist.

Having suffered a major delay in filming after an on set accident involving leading man Dylan O’Brien, the fate of the third in “The Maze Runner” trilogy was left in limbo. However, the star regained health and the cast and crew returned to set to finish off the remainder of the film. The first in the franchise, “The Maze Runner,” was met with somewhat muted appraisal, coming too soon off the heels of every other YA adaptation to not be met with some fatigue. Continue reading ‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ Trailer: The Trilogy Comes To A Close at The Playlist.

What’s old becomes new again. So, the story goes a little like this: in a 2015 podcast talk with Nerdist circa “The Hateful Eight” press, director Quentin Tarantino talked about many things as he’s wont to do. Topics broached were his love for “Speed Racer,” Marvel’s “Luke Cage” (he wanted to make a movie in the ‘90s) and “Star Trek,” a sci-fi property that the “Pulp Fiction” filmmaker said he preferred to “Star Wars.” READ MORE: Listen: 80-Minute Talk With Quentin Tarantino About ‘Speed Racer,’ ‘Luke Cage,’ ‘Star Trek,’ And Much More While he talked about the movies to small degree, it was the “Star Trek” TV shows that clearly made a mark on the director. Continue reading Quentin Tarantino Still Open To The Idea Of Directing ‘Star Trek’ at The Playlist.

All summer long, audiences were wary of sequels and reboots, with many underperforming or outright tanking. And while Fox will likely wind up being happy with the numbers for “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” it’s safe to say they were hoping for a slightly better result. The sequel founds its way to the top of the box office this weekend, knocking out two-week champion “It.” Earning $39 million, Matthew Vaughn‘s R-rated flick only did slightly better than the $36 million bow of ‘The Secret Service’ two years ago. Continue reading ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Suits Up At The Multiplex [Box Office] at The Playlist.

Darren Aronofsky has more or less become a cinematic fixture within the last decade. The writer/director is an intense filmmaker whose stories are as expansive as his style; an Aronofsky spectrum. Cinephiles and film goers alike are voicing their reactions for his latest film, “mother!” and that reception is basically a binary explosion of opinion on social media. You either adore it or detest it, or are just completely baffled by what Aronofsky has put on screen. Continue reading Order Within The Chaos: Darren Aronofsky’s Cinematic Obsessions at The Playlist.

A master filmmaker (and no, this isn’t an argument), director Steven Spielberg has been turning out modern movie classics for decades and has contributed dozens of unimpeachable treasures to cinema. Movies will be unimaginably poorer the day he is gone. Opinions may vary on just what film is the best Spielberg film, from the landmark action adventure film “Raiders of the Lost Ark” to pictures that have reinvented the way “monster movies” are presented with “Jaws” and “Jurassic Park,” to his more dramatic and weighty films movies such as “Schindler’s List,” “Saving Private Ryan” “Bridge of Spies” and “Lincoln. Continue reading ‘Spielberg’ Trailer: The Master Filmmaker Goes In Front Of The Camera at The Playlist.

Filmmaker Darren Aronofsky has most definitely become the most hunted man in movie culture this last week. His controversial “mother!” has caused a volcanic stir in the mainstream by bewildering, provoking and flat-out infuriating movie audiences nationwide (and some media to boot) with its non-conventional narrative, shocking images and frustrating loop of a story. READ MORE: ‘mother!’: Darren Aronofsky’s Scorchingly Brilliant Thriller Is Visceral, Go-For-Broke Madness [Review] That’s fine, adventurous moviegoers have mostly appreciated what Aronofsky went for in the film; it’s hard for any of us to really complain about a studio movie taking the kind of risks “mother!” does even if you think it subjectively fails. Continue reading Brace Your Emotional Sink: There Might Be A ‘mother!’ Opera at The Playlist.

The second season of Netflix‘s critically acclaimed hit Stranger Things” is just around the corner. Following its showing at this year’s Emmys, the hype could not be more palpable, whether the show is brought up in conversation or new aspects of the series are revealed online. There is no denying the Duffer Brothers have created a huge hit for the streaming service. Whether you love it or loathe it, “Stranger Things” has made an impression when it comes to configuring nostalgia, storyline, and character arcs in faultless fashion. Continue reading The Bounce Effect: How ‘Stranger Things’ Introduces Its Characters at The Playlist.