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An early shot in Lynne Ramsay‘s “You Were Never Really Here” shows a door handle in a dingy hotel on which hangs a battered sign: Do Not Disturb. It is advice Ramsay herself thrillingly fails to take with her astounding fourth feature, in which she disturbs, deconstructs and dumbfounds in equal measure. Widely anticipated as an arthouse take on Jim Thompson-esque hardboiled gritty genre fare, while it is that, it’s also very far removed from so laughably schematic a description. Continue reading Lynne Ramsay’s Extraordinary ‘You Were Never Really Here’ Starring Joaquin Phoenix [Cannes Review] at The Playlist.

Despite their massive popularity, you might find it hard to believe that not everyone is swept in the latest happenings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While many fans and moviegoers love nothing more than experiencing the latest adventures of the Avengers on the big screen, there are others who are just fine catching up with them whenever, even if it’s at home nursing the ramifications following a night of drinking. Certainly, that’s the only way you’re going to get Finnish auteur Aki Kaurismaki to watch a Marvel flick. Continue reading Aki Kaurismaki Says He Can Only Watch “Those Senseless Marvel Things” When He’s Hungover at The Playlist.

“I was like, ‘You better pay me or I’m going to go public.’ And they did,” Robin Wright proclaimed last spring about finally achieving equal pay to her “House Of Cards” co-star Kevin Spacey, who was reportedly earning $500,000 per episode for the series in 2014, and I’d wager a bit more for the new season. However, when recently asked about her pay raise, Wright admits it didn’t quite work out the way she thought it would. Continue reading Robin Wright Didn’t Get The Equal Pay She Wanted On ‘House Of Cards’ at The Playlist.

That’s not an error in the headline — there was a version of “Moneyball” that was going to be directed by Steven Soderbergh. The abridged story is that Soderbergh’s movie was just days away from starting filming when the studio pulled the plug and suddenly panicked about the picture. Soderbergh’s take on the data-driven baseball drama would’ve featured real-life players, but apparently the movie didn’t get clearances from Major League Baseball, and there was second-guessing from Sony about the kind of film they wanted. Continue reading Demetri Martin Talks Losing Role In Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Moneyball’ at The Playlist.

Being absolutely terrible movies weren’t the only things that last year’s DCEU efforts “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and “Suicide Squad” had in common. When it came to their home-video releases, the pictures were both super-sized. Zack Snyder added a whopping half-hour of material to ‘Dawn Of Justice,’ while David Ayer padded out “Suicide Squad” by 13 minutes. However, if you thought that trend of adding bloat to DC Films was going to happen with “Wonder Woman,” guess again. Continue reading ‘Wonder Woman’ Doesn’t Have Any Deleted Scenes at The Playlist.

After releasing “Inland Empire” in 2006, director David Lynch stayed creative with lots of projects — music, short films, and other artistic endeavors — but didn’t get back behind the camera in any substantial way until the newly revived “Twin Peaks.” However, fans hoping that Lynch would return to the arthouse as well with a new film were left disappointed when he stated he was never going to make another movie, citing the current industry landscape, and concerns his kind of creations wouldn’t be financially viable. Continue reading David Lynch Backtracks On His Comments That He’ll Never Make Another Movie Again at The Playlist.

With “Twin Peaks” revived after twenty-six years, and “Arrested Development” finding new life on Netflix years after it was canceled on Fox, there is perhaps reason to keep hope alive for “Hannibal.” Fans were disappointed when NBC canceled the series after three seasons, but chatter has stayed constant about a possible return for Mads Mikkelsen as the titular cannibal, and Hugh Dancy as the FBI agent with whom he shares a deadly, bromantic connection. Continue reading Bryan Fuller Teases “Great Idea” For ‘Hannibal’ Season 4 at The Playlist.

Shedding the excruciating profundities that turned him into a critical target after 2014’s “The Cut,” Fatih Akin has returned to the more intimate narratives that made two of his earlier (and greatest) films, “Head On” and “The Edge of Heaven,” stand out. “In The Fade” tackles Akin’s most personal theme – immigration and cultural identity of Turks and Muslims in Germany – in much more orderly and subtle fashion, and at the very least we can say that it’s a big step in the right direction towards a surefire dramatic comeback. Continue reading Fatih Akin’s ‘In The Fade’ Starring Diane Kruger A Lacklustre Courtroom Drama [Cannes Review] at The Playlist.

FX seems to be blessed/cursed with a great problem: critically acclaimed shows whose creators are in no rush to make new seasons. Louis C.K. has already closed the curtain on “Louie,” the second season of “Atlanta” will only start lensing this fall as star Donald Glover had a little Han Solo movie to make first, and now “Fargo” looks like it’ll be saying goodbye. Continue reading FX Says There May Never Be Another Season Of ‘Fargo’ at The Playlist.

The Hollywood studios may have stayed away from the Cannes Film Festival this year, but the South Korean majors certainly showed up in full force. Byun Sung-hyun’s “The Merciless,” is the second of two Korean entries to unspool in Cannes’ Midnight section, after fellow crime flick “The Villainess” (read our review). Beyond their shared genre profile, the two efforts couldn’t be more different; every action set piece in Jung Byung-gil’s female-centered effort finds its opposite in the clean, comprehensible fight choreography of “The Merciless.” Despite some pacing issues in the film’s last stretch, Byun’s polished gangster film satisfies the big-budget itch that’s otherwise absent on the Croisette on this year. Continue reading ‘The Merciless’ Is A Polished, Satisfying South Korean Gangster Flick [Cannes Review] at The Playlist.