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While many thought the big wins by “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Big Little Lies” at the Emmy awards marked an victory for appointment viewing, don’t cry for Netflix or Amazon just yet. While some argued that having episodes drop week-by-week helped those award winning shows take home trophies, at the end of the day, when it comes what people are actually watching — or at least want to watch — Netflix remains king. Continue reading Study Confirms Everyone Wants Netflix Originals at The Playlist.

As a Stephen King agnostic myself, I have remained largely indifferent to the ubiquity of King-related film and television content this year. This hasn’t been easy, as 2017 is angling — as aggressively as possible — to be the Year of Stephen King. I feel as though I’ve been bombarded with promos for (and breathless articles about) “The Dark Tower,” “It,” “The Mist,” and, to a lesser extent, “Mr. Continue reading ‘1922’ Trailer: The Dead Don’t Stay Dead In Latest Stephen King Adaptation at The Playlist.

Three things. 1) it’s interesting how Netflix plays by its own rules. If you look at any 2017 TV schedule, every network and cable channel have had their release dates listed for months, and often a trailer arrives several months in advance. Not Netflix. For example they just released the trailer for “Lady Dynamite” last week and it’s coming out in less than two months. The strategy is slightly different for Marvel’s “The Punisher,” but not by much. Continue reading ‘The Punisher’ Trailer: The Truth Must Be Taken at The Playlist.