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Sorry, we’re still shook, and yes, we went overboard with this feature. Sunday night was a pretty fascinating evening in the world of media, social media and pop culture at large even from the outside looking in. After 18 hours of one of the most complex and mystifying series to ever air on TV–or an 18-hour movie as the director likes to describe it– one of the most groundbreaking nights of narrative drama came to a haunting and abstractly mind-bending close. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks The Return’: The 35 Best Scenes at The Playlist.

**Turn back now if your log is afraid of spoilers** To refer to an episode of “Twin Peaks” as surreal would be to say that water is wet, but last night’s part of the revival, a more-so-than-usual disparate collection of vignettes that found some of our most beloved characters each on the brink of death, new life, or…something else, was somewhere between a hallucinatory nightmare and a gentle kiss goodbye on the forehead. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’ Brings Hopeful Beginnings & Powerful Endings In Haunting Hour at The Playlist.

**Turn back if you’re afraid of spoilers** What makes a bad man and what makes a good one? Last night’s “Twin Peaks” had this question on its mind in a somewhat meandering hour (the shortest episode to date) that offered some answers, raised more questions, and after a handful of frustrating pit stops along a rich narrative highway, locked into a surprisingly emotional third act that felt like the show at its best, all while examining violence and misogyny against women. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’: “Hello, Johnny, How Are You Today?” [Episode 10] at The Playlist.

**Spoilers ahead** After being off last Sunday following the most bonkers, far-reaching, and mythology heavy episode of the show to date, “Twin Peaks” returned last night with an offering that had no choice but to feel normal by comparison. Relatively normal, that is, with an hour that managed to be both heartbreaking and humorous, a gentle balancing act of an episode that most resembled the tone of the first season since the revival started. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’: The Search For The Zone [Episode 9] at The Playlist.

The Bingeworthy Breakdown is an occasional look at new and returning TV shows. An estimated 500 seasons of scripted TV will air in 2017, and we’re here to help you sort the must-sees from the can-skips, because life is way too short, and Peak TV way too crowded, for investing in a show you’re not going to love. This week, we explore Netflix’s “Gypsy,” starring Naomi Watts, which hit the streaming service on June 30th. Continue reading ‘Gypsy’ With Naomi Watts Is A Lacklustre Soap Opera [Bingeworthy™ Breakdown] at The Playlist.

Precocious child geniuses have become every bit as cliché and hackneyed a Hollywood trope as the single mother who has to work in a diner to support her family or the grizzled cop who, with one day left before retirement, uncovers a labyrinthine mystery that goes all the way to the top. With Colin Trevorrow‘s “The Book of Henry,” the precocious child genius trope is fully exploited, embellished and embroidered upon, to the point that, if there was never another precocious child genius in a movie again, that’d be just fine. Continue reading ‘The Book Of Henry’ Is The Ultimate Precocious Child Genius Movie [Review] at The Playlist.

**Spoilers ahead** I’ll put this out there right now: recapping or reviewing “Twin Peaks” is becoming increasingly difficult. Obviously, there’s a lot of weird things going on, so I thought I’d try a different, more streamlined approach. Here’s a few highlights from Sunday’s sixth episode, and as an overview, it should be said “Twin Peaks” is starting to find a groove and is becoming slightly less… strange. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’: Diane Revealed & More Strange Highlights [Episode 6] at The Playlist.