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Mr. Robot

EXCLUSIVE: In an age when millennials are the most prized moviegoing demo, and the hardest for studios to court as the audience indulges in digital distractions, it pays to get clever and catch them off guard. And that’s exactly what Paramount did for its DreamWorks co-production Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johansson, which hits theaters on March 31. During the commercial breaks of this week’s Season 2 finale for USA’s Mr. RobotParamount dropped a total of five…

After a season full of questions and twists, Mr. Robot closes out 2.0 by going full-in on the next phase of Elliot’s plan.

“I do love suspense [but] I’m never about withholding things arbitrarily,” Sam Esmail tells THR answering Elliot’s fate before the finale’s more

As season two ends, let’s look back at the many movie references sprinkled through Mr. Robot.

America’s disgraced swimming sensation and USA’s critical darling have something in common: Both betrayed us this summer. read more

How does a popular show like Mr. Robot deal with huge season 2 expectations? By pulling out an unbelievable, late-season twist.

Just over halfway through season 2, USA Networks has ordered season 3 of its highly acclaimed series Mr. Robot.