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“When we lose our principals, we invite chaos.” What exactly that chaos is in the world of Sam Esmail’s “Mr. Robot” remains debatable. Our characters, following the humdrum fall out of season two, are back for an enlivened…

October is here, and there’s even more television to take in. While a certain 1980s nostalgia Netflix series is set to dominate the watercooler talk this month, there are plenty of other fish swimming in the TV sea, from psychological thrillers to frothy soaps to unkillable zombies. Below is our list of October’s cream of the crop. “Curb Your EnthusiasmSynopsis: After a six-year hiatus, Larry David is back with the ninth season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Continue reading 11 TV Shows To Watch In October at The Playlist.

The revolution won’t be televised….unless it’s on “Mr. Robot.” USA Network‘s paranoia inducing series is back this fall for its third season, and a new trailer for the upcoming batch of episodes raises the tension and get things cookin’ for fans. Rami Malek leads the series, and this time around, his  Elliot will be reeling from the betrayal by the titular character (Christian Slater) and E Corp exec Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström). Continue reading ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3 Trailer: The Revolution Will Not Go Down Without A Fight at The Playlist.

The next four months are going to be packed with plenty of awards season contenders and blockbuster offerings at the multiplex and arthouse. It’s enough to make your eyes feels exhausted already, but the small screen will be competing for your attention too. It seems that every waking moment until 2018 will have something to keep you occupied, but we’re got our handy guide to make things a big easy to sort through. Below, you’ll find our 25 must-see shows of the fall season. Continue reading TV Fall Preview: 25 Must-See Shows at The Playlist.

TV history is littered with great shows initially being passed over. Before “Mad Men” landed on AMC, both HBO and Showtime let it go by. HBO and FX both rejected “Breaking Bad” before it too became a smash hit for AMC as well. So it’s not a surprise that even with all their success and data to study from, Netflix also goofed on picking up shows that have become big hits. Continue reading Netflix Chief Says They Turned Down ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘Transparent’ & ‘Mr. Robot’ at The Playlist.

Hacking is back in the minds of the public, now that HBO is trying to do damage control after a major breach. So, USA Network isn’t wasting a moment, as they’ve trotted out their trailer for the third season of the keyboard mashing “Mr. Robot.” Rami Malek‘s Elliot is back after having been betrayed by the titular character (Christian Slater) and E Corp exec Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström), and the savvy hacker is ready for retribution.  Continue reading ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3 Trailer Brings Democracy To America at The Playlist.

Only yesterday, it felt like there were “Star Wars” movies and spin-offs scheduled up the wazoo, but it’s not going to be long before we actually run out of them. If the current release plans hold, we’ll get three films in the mega-franchise in the next twenty-four months — with “The Last Jedi” hitting this Christmas, the Han Solo spin-off landing in May 2018, and Colin Trevorrow’s “Episode IX” following a year later — but there’s nothing solid that’s been publicly announced after that. Continue reading Rumor: ‘Mr. Robot’ Creator Sam Esmail Might Be Writing An Obi-Wan Kenobi ‘Star Wars’ Story at The Playlist.