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New Indie It’s been loved, it’s been hated, it’s been praised, it’s been criticized, it won Best Picture, it didn’t win Best Picture: In the final analysis, though, La La Land (Summit/Lionsgate) is not a film to be ign…

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:   Trailer Reaction of the Day: Watch as an amused Lego Batman watches the new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming    Trailer Dissection of the Day: Easter egg king Mr. Sunday Movies takes an amusing deep dive through the Blade Runner 2049 trailer for things we may have missed:   Movie Comparison of the Day: Speaking of Blade Runner 2049, here’s a video from IMDb comparing the sequel to the original, shot by shot:   Video Essay of the Day: Also speaking of Blade Runner, Nerdwriter analyzes and celebrates the score for the original movie:   Vintage Image of the Day: Peter Mayhew, who turns 73 today, receives…Read More

Universal is still set on remaking Scarface again. While the first redo starring Al Pacino didn’t arrive until 51 years after the Howard Hawks original, the next will come out only 35 years later. If the studio can get the project going on time for its August 10, 2018, release date, that is. Although they have a script and star in place, as well as a sure-thing title, they’re still currently without a director. Let’s look at a timeline to remind us what’s been going on:  April 1932: The first Scarface hits theaters with Paul Muni in the lead as “Tony Camonte” and a story inspired by the life of Al Capone. December 1983: Brian De Palma’s remake, written by Oliver Stone, opens with Pacino playing Cuban refugee turned gangster…Read More

When Tom Hardy was first cast as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, a chunk of fandom complained. They felt he was too small to play the hulking villain. Then Christopher Nolan’s movie actually came out and everyone changed their tune. Well, now we’re once again in a scenario where Hardy has been cast as a larger-than-life comics character. He’ll be starring in Venom for Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer. Venom, about a man who bonds with an alien symbiote that gives him supernatural powers, will not be a part of the same Marvel Cinematic Universe that Spider-Man: Homecoming takes place in. Instead this will be Sony’s attempt to create their own corner of the Marvel world, and will have nothing to do with the Spidey world. That’s a bummer for fans who…Read More

Out of all of the forthcoming projects that we know about taking place in Warner Bros. Pictures’ burgeoning cinematic universe based on the characters of DC Comics, the one that seems like it’s in the largest state of flux is The Flash. Though the character has been successfully running across television for the last couple of years, his film adaptation starring Ezra Miller seems like it’s been having a lot of trouble getting its stance at the starting line, to say nothing of the fact that its proposed 2018 release window is quickly fading. While it looked as though Rick Famuyiwa, critically-acclaimed director of Dope, would be taking up the reigns, “creative differences” once again struck the DC Extended Universe last fall, with the talented…Read More

The latest trailer for The Mummy invites the audience to “witness the beginning of a dark universe.” The filmmakers obviously have something different in mind that what we’ve seen from Marvel or DC and their cinematic universes. Indeed, we get to see Tom Cruise fighting off some kind of evil that threatens to take him over; a series of thumping action sequences, set in the air and in the water and in a forest and who knows where else; a tough-as-nails female lead in Annabelle Wallis; a possible ally in Russell Crowe who probably knows more than he’s letting on; and an unlikely villain in Sofia Boutella, whose power lies less in her slight physical appearance and more in the powers that she possesses. That’s a very potent combination that makes it a…Read More

All your nostalgia belongs to Hollywood, and much of it is now owned by Netflix. The streaming service announced today a partnership with The Jim Henson Company to produce a new series based on the 1982 fantasy film The Dark Crystal. Don’t worry, it will involve practical puppets. And the imagination of Brian Froud, the creature, costume and conceptual designer on the original.  The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistence will be a 10-episode prequel series about three Gelflng characters rebelling against the Skeksis. Louis Leterrier, who directed The Incredible Hulk and the Clash of the Titans remake, is directing the whole thing. There will be some digital effects, but as you can see in the teaser below, the look and feel of The Dark…Read More

Godzilla: King of the Monsters: Superb character actor Charles Dance (above left), known for Game of Thrones, has joined the cast of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Sally Hawkins has also signed up; she will reprise her role from the 2014 original (abo…

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:   Dream Casting of the Day: Dwayne Johnson wants Armie Hammer to play Shazam opposite his Black Adam, so BossLogic shows us what they’d look like: Forgot to post the @armiehammer X @TheRock pieces I did for @ComicBook I dying to get some news on this film — BossLogic (@Bosslogic) May 17, 2017   Franchise Recap of the Day: Get ready for Alien: Covenant by watching this history of the Alien franchise from Distractotron (via Film School Rejects):   Movie Science of the Day: Also in honor of the new Alien movie, Kyle Hill explains the biology of the Xenomorphs:   Behind the Scenes Video of the…Read More