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“As soon as I walked out of the theater after seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story, I wanted to see more.” The post Solo: A Star Wars Story Review appeared first on

“With higher highs and lower lows than Deadpool, the sequel has a lot of the problems all sequels do.” The post Deadpool 2 Review appeared first on

“Ten years of Marvel movies all culminate in Avengers: Infinity War. Was it worth the wait? Yes and no.” The post Avengers: Infinity War Review appeared first on

“Super Troopers 2 takes what worked the first time and tries to build on it, with mixed success.” The post Super Troopers 2 Review appeared first on

“Rampage gives you exactly what it’s selling, even if the trailers seem to concentrate on the last half-hour of the movie.” The post Rampage Review appeared first on

“Despite some decent ideas and chances at interesting characters, Truth or Dare opts for lazy storytelling and unconvincing scares.” The post Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare Review appeared first on

“Blockers is a hilarious take on the teen sex comedy thanks to its game cast and surprisingly deep focus (for the genre) on its characters.” The post Blockers Review appeared first on