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I don’t think it’s spoiling anything to say that Sharlto Copley is the best part of Ben Wheatley‘s “Free Fire.” The only character in the film who seems to have no clue how a gunfight is supposed to work – in one scene in the film, he leads an increasingly anxious line of inquiry about how long it’ll take someone to bleed out – Copley’s character gives the South African actor a chance to dial his normally restrained screen presence (kidding) all the way to eleven. Continue reading Sharlto Copley Battles Infection In This Exclusive NSFW ‘Free Fire’ Clip at The Playlist.

In the elevator of the Marriott Hotel in Rotterdam, Ben Wheatley grimaces at the noise of a drill nearby. It’s partly his hangover, but also partly deja vu: he was here, at this festival, in this hotel last year, he tells me, and the hotel was under renovation then too. But if it was oddly thematically appropriate to accommodate Wheatley on the upper floors of an unfinished skyscraper while he was touring his last film, the JG Ballard adaptation “High-Rise,” it feels wrong now: his new title, “Free Fire” which premiered in Toronto, is far more earthbound. Continue reading Rotterdam: Ben Wheatley Talks ‘Free Fire,’ ‘Doctor Who’ And His Killer Approach To The ‘Wages Of Fear’ Remake at The Playlist.