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Sometimes a movie that comes along that has so many good ingredients, you really hope it meets the potential. That’s the case with “Flower,” led by rising star Zoey Deutch (“Everybody Wants Some!!“) and directed by Max Win…

A charming and blissful look at the joys and pains of a bravado-flecked reckless youth, director Max Winkler’s “Flower” is an earnest coming-of-age pic mixing cheeky sass will full-bodied teenage angst and beaming vitality. And it’s also an untamed dark comedy that veers off to unexpected places that reveal disturbing edges. If there’s a movie that can pull off the cool insouciance of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Clueless” and Diablo Cody, and successfully mix it with the seemingly incongruous realist sensibilities of “Fish Tank” or the films of Andrea Arnold in general, “Flower” is it. Continue reading Zoey Deutch Is A Force Of Nature In Max Winkler’s Unpredictable Dark Comedy ‘Flower’ [Tribeca Review] at The Playlist.

33-year-old filmmaker Max Winkler has practically lived a mini-filmmaking career over the last ten years. While he released his directorial debut, the Paul Thomas Anderson and Wes Anderson-influenced “Ceremony” at the age of 26, the precocious filmmaker had, by that point, already directed episodes of David Wain’s “Wainy Days” and Michael Cera’s extremely underrated and influential web series, “Clark And Michael.” Normally a young filmmaker waiting seven years to make his next film might panic, but Winkler kept himself so busy between features he likely didn’t have time to be anxious. Continue reading Max Winkler Talks ‘Flower,’ Firecracker Star Zoey Deutch, Realist Influences & More [Tribeca Film Festival] at The Playlist.