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The Service Also Picks Up New Pilots From ‘Master Of None,’ ‘The Office,’ ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Creators The so-called “Rotten Tomatoes effect” came into question again this weekend thanks to an fascinating New York Times article that stirred up the ongoing debate once more about the film review aggregator and how it impacts movie going culture. Studios currently hate Rotten Tomatoes, but it got me to thinking about several of the complex factors at hand. Continue reading Wong Kar-Wai To Direct Amazon Drama Series ‘Tong Wars,’ at The Playlist.

Donald Glover took the equivalent honor at the Golden Globes, but was snubbed without a nomination at the SAG Awards as was every actor from “Atlanta.” “Transparent’s” Jeffrey Tambor has won this category for the past two years and could easily take it again. We’re betting on Glover, but Tambor could snag the three-peat. [Updated July 27] Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series 1. Continue reading 2017 Best Lead Actor In A Comedy Series Emmy Predictions at The Playlist.

If there is justice in the world Lena Waithe‘s deeply personal “Master of None” episode “Thanksgiving” will take this Emmy. If not, either “Veep” episode (we’re going with the funnier “Georgia”) or “B.A.N.” from “Atlanta” are next up. [Updated July 27] Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series 1. “Master of None,” “Thanksgiving” by Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe 2. Continue reading 2017 Best Writing For A Comedy Series Emmy Predictions at The Playlist.

Yes, it’s almost time to reveal the nominations for the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards and some of the world’s biggest stars have learned to care and fret about the Emmys like they never have before. And so are the networks and streaming services behind the series, limited series and TV movies vying for those pretty gold statuettes. There are no official statistics as of yet, but based on just the live events staged by Netflix and Amazon over the past few months this has been arguably the most expensive Emmys campaign to date. Continue reading Emmy Nomination Predictions: ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘The Crown’ And ‘Atlanta’ Will Dominate at The Playlist.

When “Master of None” creators Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang sent their lead character, Dev (played by Ansari), to Italy at the end of the show’s pitch perfect first season you had to wonder if they could duplicate that success when the Netflix program inevitably returned.  Over a year later the answer was a resounding, “yes.” The two Italian episodes might not have worked for everyone, but they were the foundation for an exemplary second season that featured, arguably, three of the best half hour narrative episodes anywhere on television so far this year. Continue reading ‘Master of None’: Aziz Ansari On That “Heartbreaking” One-Take Scene And “Wanting What You Can’t Have” [Emmy Interview] at The Playlist.

If there isn’t already, there ought to be an improbably long German compound word to describe the slightly panicky, drowning feeling of overwhelmed anticipation that is one’s natural state when contemplating just how much good TV there is out there — and that’s even before additional shows like this week’s “GLOW” and “The Mist” have been piled onto the queue. Add in an appreciation of just how few hours there are in a day, and just how much “other stuff” one is supposed to be doing with one’s life, and the prospect of even making a dent in the mountain of unwatched Golden Age TV can actually trigger a full-blown panic attack. Continue reading The 25 Best TV Shows Of 2017 So Far at The Playlist.

**Spoilers ahead** Among the many, many treasures to be found in “Master Of None” season two, “New York, I Love You” is particularly special. The episode is notable for focusing on an array of characters that would usually not amount to much more than window dressing. Framing it all is “Death Castle,” a movie within the show “starring” Nicolas Cage, Tyrese Gibson, and Emma Watson that nearly everyone in refers to at one point, before most of the players sit in the cinema at the end of the episode watching the much hyped film. Continue reading Nicolas Cage Turned Down Cameo In ‘Master Of None’ Season 2 at The Playlist.

For episode 7 of Bingeworthy™, I’m joined by Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist‘s editor-in-chief. The second season of Netflix‘s “Master of None“ arrived this month to even better praise than its first outing on the streaming platform. We discuss how the show improved from its first year, as well as our favorite episodes and characters. As mentioned in the episode, there’s a great listing of all the season two restaurants on Eater for those who want to recreate the New York City culinary experience of Dev (Aziz Ansari), but perhaps with a little less romantic drama. Continue reading Podcast: Bingeworthy™ On ‘Master of None’ Stepping Up Its Game at The Playlist.