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PARK CITY – Over the past decade, Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody have collaborated on the celebrated dramedy “Juno,” and the cult dark comedy “Young Adult.” The filmmaker and Oscar-winning screenwriter have reunited with the star of the latter, Ch…

Director Jason Reitman‘s best work has always come when he’s joined forces with Diablo Cody. The pair have scored successes with the indie breakout “Juno,” and the underrated and caustic “Young Adult.” Now the pair a…

There are things you need to know before seeing “Blade Runner 2049,” and things that can wait to be revealed. In fact, it’s probably best to keep any advance information to just the basics. In any event, you probably don’t want to watch this trailer. In fact, I haven’t even watched it, because I have IMAX ticket for this weekend and I’m going to go on internet blackout as much as possible before my screening on Sunday. Continue reading ‘Blade Runner 2049’: Final Trailer Gives Away Some Secrets at The Playlist.

The marketing blitz for “Blade Runner 2049” is in full gear, with another trailer dropping today. One of the most highly anticipated films of this year, the sequel to Ridley Scott‘s legendary “Blade Runner” has been on  a heavy promotional run, but not a lot has been revealed a lot about the actual plot. What we do know, though, is the official synopsis. Once again: Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society in chaos. Continue reading ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Trailer: Ryan Gosling & Harrison Ford Uncover Secrets at The Playlist.

Halt And Catch Fire” says goodbye with its fourth and final season, by going to the beginning… of the internet. AMC‘s underseen tech world drama is getting a chance to wrap up its story, and, to do so, jumps the narrative from the 1980s setting of the first three seasons to the 1990s. For those who have been watching, season three ended with a time leap that sets up the new season. Continue reading ‘Halt And Catch Fire’ Season 4 Trailer Looks For Bigger Ideas at The Playlist.

This weekend, studios will be elbowing each other to walk away from San Diego Comic Con with the biggest buzz for their blockbuster vehicles. It can be difficult to rise above the noise, so Warner Bros. is just side-stepping the fanboy francas and getting ahead of the game of “Blade Runner 2049.” The highly anticipated sequel to the Ridley Scott classic finds Denis Villeneuve in the driver’s seat. Continue reading New ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Trailer Returns To The Future at The Playlist.

Sometimes there are great shows that just don’t manage to get the groundswell of buzz they deserve, and frankly, it’s kind of amazing “Halt And Catch Fire” has made it a fourth and final season. AMC has supported the tech drama this far, but this year it’ll be shut down, but not before bringing viewers to the early days of the internet. The new season will the characters colliding with the early days of the world wide web, while bringing aboard a new actress for the final go ’round in “Veep” star Anna Chlumsky. Continue reading ‘Halt And Catch Fire’ Season 4 Teaser Brings You The Early Days Of The Internet at The Playlist.

While prestigious films make their debut at Cannes, in the basement of the Palais, the marketplace is where new projects are being announced and shopped around. It’s hard to keep to keep up with all of them, but here are some of the latest highlights: While it’s not the six-film action pantomimes franchise we were hoping for, you do want to see a movie about the world’s greatest mime, right? Well, Jesse Eisenberg will play the legendary French mime Marcel Marceau in the film, “Resistance,” centering on the artist’s involvement in the resistance in the WWII. Continue reading Jesse Eisenberg, Mackenzie Davis, Carrie Brownstein, Sandra Bullock & More Line Up New Projects at The Playlist.