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Lucasfilm‘s HR department has been pretty busy this summer. Between Phil Lord and Chris Miller exiting the Han Solo spinoff earlier this year over creative differences, while the movie was in the production no less, and Colin Trevorrow removing himself from “Star Wars: Episode IX” for reportedly similar reasons, the keepers of the franchise haven’t come off looking so good. In fairness, there’s no doubt that Kathleen Kennedy’s primary job is to protect the value of the brand at all costs, but it does make you wonder why you’d hire young filmmakers with bold new cinematic voices if the first place, only to mute that talent. Continue reading John Landis Calls Out Lucasfilm For Firing ‘Star Wars’ Filmmakers at The Playlist.

If the trailers for “Thor: Ragnarok” are any indication, writer-director Taika Waititi has spared no effort bringing his peculiar, irresistible brand of New Zealand irreverence to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But as the film’s November 3 opening day approaches, Waititi seems to be doling out plenty of hot takes in interviews and on social media, where yesterday he took a playful shot at Lucasfilm after a Twitter follower suggested he replace Colin Trevorrow on “Star Wars: Episode IX. Continue reading Taika Waititi Throws Playful Shade At Lucasfilm’s Director Drama at The Playlist.

After months or rumor and speculation, the trades confirmed it this week: an Obi-Wan Kenobi solo film is in the works at Lucasfilm with Stephen Daldry (“Billy Elliott“) at the helm. Yet, buried in the fine print at Variety was another nugget of “Star Wars” in-development news. You’ve heard about potential Yoda and Boba Fett movies in the past, but the most surprising project ever-so-briefly mentioned was that of a spin-off focusing on the galaxies powerful Tatooine gangster Jabba the Hutt. Continue reading Star Wars: Jabba The Hutt Spinoff Reportedly In The Works at The Playlist.