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In film commentary circles outside of those dedicated to the arcane craft of awards prognosis and coverage, like our own Awards Campaign, it is pretty much standard to disdain the Oscars. We might discuss them, dissect them and analyse them for the sociological trends they mark (or run counter to), but lurking at the end of most such sentences, like a terms-and-conditions asterisk, is an implicit but it’s the Oscars, so¯\_(ツ)_/¯.  It’s become such an instinctive attitude that it’s very possible half of us don’t even realize why we’re doing it anymore — the Oscars Eyeroll is as involuntary a reflex as recoiling from fire or punching a Nazi. Continue reading How The Oscars Fail Movies at The Playlist.

So as of this morning at 08:18 ET (and seriously, what a weirdly specific time slot — does it have numerological significance?), the weeks of speculation about what the 2017 Oscar nominations would be came to an end. The weeks of speculation about what the 2017 Oscar nominations mean can now begin. READ MORE: Analysis: Wonderfully Progressive Oscar Nods Won’t Slow The ‘La La Land’ Train There is, firstly, considerable good news especially if you or your fave film professional is listed under the “surprise” portion of this feature and not under “snubs.” In a more general sense, the 2017 nominee list also resoundingly addresses a fear some had expressed in the lead-up: namely that, while there were several black filmmakers, black-issues films and a lot of actors and actresses of color in the running, those films — specifically “Moonlight,” “Hidden Figures” and “Fences” — could end up cannibalizing each other’s votes. Continue reading It’s #OscarsNotSoWhite But Still #OscarsSoMale In 2017 at The Playlist.

Ok, we’re done looking back on 2016, but if you have an appetite for more and or missed it, here’s all our Best Of 2016 coverage. OK, I know, I know. We’re waaaaaay past the sell by date on Top 10 lists, I’m all too painfully aware. My tombstone will read, “Life got in the way,” and life is, again, the reason I’m woefully (embarrassingly?) behind. Continue reading The Best Movies Of 2016: Rodrigo Perez’s Picks at The Playlist.

The Writers Guild of America announced their nominees for the 2017 WGA Awards this morning and there were some interesting selections to say the least. The industry clearly adores “La La Land” as Damien Chazelle‘s screenplay, arguably the weakest aspect of the film, made it into the Original category over Mike Mills’ “20th Century Women,” Noah Oppenheim’s “Jackie” and Matt Ross’ “Captain Fantastic.” The other nominees in this category include Taylor Sheridan’s “Hell or High Water,” Kenneth Lonergan’s “Manchester by the Sea,” Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight” and Jeff Nichols’ “Loving.”  These five will not repeat the Academy Award nominations are announced later this month as both “Moonlight” and “Loving” have been deemed adapted screenplays by the Academy’s writers branch. Continue reading ‘La La Land’ and ‘Deadpool’ Earn Somewhat Surprising WGA Awards Nominations at The Playlist.

It’s been quite a monumental week for this particular awards season. We’ve had monumental upset nominations at the SAG Awards and somewhat surprising disqualifications in the Original Score race. And now the Academy’s screenplay races have officially flipped. As first reported by Pete Hammond at Deadline and confirmed by The Playlist, the Writer’s Branch has determined that the screenplays for “Moonlight” and “Loving” should qualify for Adapted Screenplay and not Original Screenplay. Continue reading Another Day, Another Oscar Surprise As ‘Moonlight’ And ‘Loving’ Deemed Adapted Screenplays at The Playlist.

The 48th Annual NAACP Image Awards were announced this morning and, as expected, Beyonce ruled over the kingdom. On the film side, however, the event allowed Nate Parker‘s must besieged “Birth of A Nation” to return to the spotlight. Parker’s period drama about Nat Turner earned six nominations including Best Outstanding Motion Picture, Outstanding Actor (Parker), Outstanding Supporting Actress (Aji Naomi King), Outstanding Independent Motion Picture, Outstanding Writing (Parker) and Outstanding Directing (Parker). Continue reading ‘Birth of A Nation’ Earns 6 NAACP Image Awards Nods But It’s Really All About Beyonce at The Playlist.

Those of us who call it home can kind of take it for granted, but it’s an honor and a pleasure to be part of a collective effort like The Playlist, and that’s never made more abundantly clear than when we compile our official annual Best Films ranking. As in recent years, we’ve collated our rankings of films from a wide sample of individual top ten lists (this year 20 of our contributors submitted lists for consideration), and once again we could not be prouder of the results, or more convinced of how well they represent the blog’s eclectic, broadminded and passionate cinematic taste. Continue reading The 25 Best Films Of 2016 at The Playlist.

It’s been something of a mixed year for movies in some ways — a fairly sparse first half of the year, including the worst blockbuster season in living memory, followed by an absolutely rammed fall season that, even more than most, has seen a wealth of pleasures in movie theaters. But one thing for sure is that it’s been a really great year for music and the movies (and yes, .) Perhaps appropriately for a year where a musical looks to be the Oscar front-runner, we’ve had all kinds of wonderful scores and soundtracks, from a young composer turning the biopic on its head to an instantly iconic Netflix synthpop score, from a blast of original hip-hop from a little-seen indie to some unusually convincing comedy songs from some ex-SNLers. Continue reading The 30 Best Film Scores & Soundtracks Of 2016 at The Playlist.

The 74th Golden Globe nominees were announced this morning surprising many nominees who weren’t necessarily expecting any love from the HFPA.  Here are their statements and reactions to their nominations. [We’ll update this post throughout the day as more reactions come in.] “Waking up to this news in an early dawn light made going into the darkness to bring this character alive all the more worthwhile. I’m truly grateful to the HFPA for recognizing the transformation I went through to create this role with Tom Ford. Continue reading 2017 Golden Globe Awards Nominees Reactions: Viola Davis, Ryan Reynolds, Justin Timberlake And More at The Playlist.

Like a number of awards season contenders Focus Features’ “Loving” could use a bit of a boost in what is turning into a tough battle for a Best Picture nomination. It got it today with a well-deserved honor from the Producers Guild of America. The organization announced the period drama as the recipient of the 2017 Stanley Kramer Award which will be handed at the PGA Awards ceremony on Saturday, Jan. 28. The “Loving” honorees are PGA members Ged Doherty & Colin Firth; Sarah Green, Nancy Buirski and Marc Turtletaub & Peter Saraf. Continue reading Jeff Nichols’ ‘Loving’ Will Be Honored With The PGA’s 2017 Stanley Kramer Award at The Playlist.