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Last night, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association honored some of the most prestigious films of the year. Today, we have a trailer for “Blockers” about parents who are determined to stop their kids from having sex on prom night. Let&#8217…

Talk about a movie that has #problematic written all over it. As the industry continues to grapple with its relationship to women and sex thanks to the unfolding scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein, Universal has seen fit to release the trailer for &#…

Sometimes you’re not really sure what kind of movie you have on your hands until an audience reacts to it, and that seems to be the case with the upcoming “The Comedian.” “I saw the movie as a dark drama with some comedy,” director Taylor Hackford told EW, “but then we tested it with an audience, and they really laughed hard. So better to call it a dark comedy with drama.” READ MORE: Robert De Niro’s Jokes Ain’t Funny In ‘The Comedian’ [Review] Starring Robert De Niro and Leslie Mann, the story follows an aging comic, who is sentenced to community service and finds new life in a friendship with a young woman. Continue reading Robert De Niro Hits The Stage In First Trailer For ‘The Comedian’ at The Playlist.

HOLLYWOOD – There is a sense of exhaustive familiarity that permeates throughout Taylor Hackford’s new dramedy “The Comedian.” That’s not a very funny way to describe a movie about a veteran comedian still living in the shadow of his greatest sitcom success, but then again the movie, which had its world premiere at AFI FEST 2016, isn’t very funny either. A longtime passion project of star Robert De Niro and producer and co-screenwriter Art Linson, “The Comedian” centers on Jackie Burke (De Niro), a stand up comedian in his late 60’s (he’s either 67, 70 or somewhere in between) who is struggling to keep his career on an upward trajectory. Continue reading Robert De Niro’s Jokes Ain’t Funny In ‘The Comedian’ [Review] at The Playlist.

The New York Film Festival is still rocking along, but the final player on the awards season festival calendar is finally beginning to show its cards. AFI FEST already announced that Warren Beatty’s “Rules Don’t Apply” will open the festival on Thursday, Nov. 10. Today AFI revealed that Taylor Hackford’s “The Comedian” will have its world premiere on Friday, Nov. 11th. A passion project of Robert De Niro and screenwriter Art Linson, “The Comedian” focuses on a former comedy star (De Niro) who can’t deal with audiences who just love him because of a popular character that made him famous on television. Continue reading Robert De Niro’s ‘The Comedian’ Will World Premiere At AFI FEST 2016 at The Playlist.