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Kornél Mundruczó

As visually arresting as Kornel Mundruczo’s latest film “Jupiter’s Moon” undoubtedly is, it remains too intellectually imprisoned within its own allegorical confines to make a truly positive impact. Not 30 minutes in, after we’ve met our two protagonists and one of them has already levitated a few times, the little voice inside your head is screaming “let me out!” as the bizarre events continue to unfold in their exhaustive pace. Continue reading Kornel Mundruczo’s ‘Jupiter’s Moon’ Undoes Good Intentions With Heavy-Handed Symbolism [Cannes Review] at The Playlist.

Three years ago, filmmaker Kornél Mundruczó caught the world’s attention with “White God,” the simple story of a young girl who fights to save her dog, that revealed much more powerful thematic subtext, and contained one of the best closing shots of any film in recently memory. Now the director is headed back to Cannes with “Jupiter’s Moon,” and it looks like he’s taking a big leap forward with a film that tackles the refugee crisis through a supernatural lens. Continue reading Discover A Miracle In First Trailer For ‘White God’ Director Kornel Mundruczo’s Cannes Entry ‘Jupiter’s Moon’ at The Playlist.