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At one time, James Cameron‘s “Titanic” was….well, king of the world. The doomed romantic drama was a commercial and Oscar sensation, and removed any doubt that the director didn’t have the chops to match his ambitions. Sin…

Hollywood history is filled with great rivalries, but few were as big as the one between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The actresses never a saw moment not try and take each other down, and that story will be brought to life in the upcoming limited series “Feud” on FX. READ MORE: Nicolas Hoult Is J.D. Salinger In By-The-Numbers Biopic ‘Rebel In The Rye’ [Review] Susan Sarandon takes the role of Davis, with Jessica Lange as Crawford, with Ryan Murphy (“American Crime Story,” “Glee“) weaving his magic once again, but aiming to pair the juicy drama with richer thematic subtext.  Continue reading Susan Sarandon & Jessica Lange Fight As Bette Davis & Joan Crawford In First Trailer For ‘Feud’ at The Playlist.

Somewhere between a bunch of commercials and a half-time show, a game of football was played last night, and it was a doozy. The Super Bowl went into overtime for the first time in history, the New England Patriots reigned supreme and fans got one helluva show. And advertisers got a lot of eyeballs. You’ve likely already seen the onslaught of movie and TV related promos that dropped during the game, but if that wasn’t enough, the stars cashed some big paychecks to promote everything from tax services to jewelry and we’re rounded it all up below. Continue reading Super Bowl: Melissa McCarthy, Adam Driver, Christopher Walken & More Feature In Star-Studded Game Day Ads at The Playlist.

In most instances, comedy sequels stink. Thus, with such a low bar to clear, “Bad Santa 2” is a triumph, at least on the order of an “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” or “22 Jump Street” — which is to say, it’s an inferior follow-up that succeeds in not sullying the memory of its 2003 predecessor, or making one regret having ever laughed at its characters’ filthy hijinks in the first place. Continue reading ‘Bad Santa 2’ Starring Billy Bob Thornton Delivers On Its Promise Of Pure, Putrid Nastiness [Review] at The Playlist.

It’s the witching hour, and we’re just in time to serve you our final frightening dish in our Halloween-themed horror banquet. We’ve discussed the best of the genre from the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, and this century, the best foreign-language horrors, and some of the most visually stunning on-screen nightmares we’ve ever seen. Now it’s time to shine a spooky light on 25 riveting performances in horror films. Ranging from as early as the 1930s all the way to the present, the men and women who populate this article have kept us awake on many nights, sent currents of chill down our spine, and, in a few cases, made us laugh just as readily as they made us scamper to the nearest blanket. Continue reading The 25 Best Performances In Horror Movies at The Playlist.

The Christmas season is all about marketing, and the folks at Broad Green Pictures seem to be taking that to heart. They are continuing to pump out the promo for “Bad Santa 2,” and in a week that has already seen a NSFW red-band trailer for the film, they’ve now dropped a cleaner cut. But rather than merely repeating the naughtier version just with some different edits, this trailer has lots of new scenes and jokes, though it makes you wonder what will be left to see when you buy your ticket later this year. Continue reading It’s Starting To Feel Like Christmas In The New Trailer For ‘Bad Santa 2’ at The Playlist.