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Earlier this year, Stacey Snider, the chairman and CEO of 20th Century Fox, explained the studio’s approach to giving some flavor to the superhero movies in their X-men line. “If we’re going to make a superhero movie, we have to ask ourselves: Wh…

We’ve lived through a couple generations now of movies with various iterations of Magneto, Charles Xavier, Mystique….you get the idea. Now, a fresh superhero torch is being lit with “X-Men: The New Mutants,” and now we have our …

20th Century Fox seems to be tossing out the playbook and embracing trying new things with their comic book properties. They let Ryan Reynolds and co. go R-rated for “Deadpool,” and were rewarded with a massive box office success. That paved the way for this year’s moody and affecting “Logan,” also R-rated, but a picture that played more like a character drama than a superhero film. Continue reading Director Josh Boone Says ‘The New Mutants’ Will Be “A Full-Fledged Horror Movie” at The Playlist.

Looks like someone was logging some overtime this weekend. 20th Century Fox has been busy this morning announcing future dates for their 2018 roster. First it was FOUR (yes, four) “Avatar” films starting in 2020 (about five years or so behind schedule), now the studio has revealed the near future of its “X-Men” universe. While all dates were previously just “Untitled Fox / Marvel Film” placeholders, each one has been revealed. Continue reading ‘Deadpool 2’ & Two More ‘X-Men’ Films Dated For 2018 at The Playlist.

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment acquired the rights to Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles” series The post Josh Boone Revealed to be at Work on Interview with the Vampire Remake appeared first on