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“Halloween” turns forty this year, and it’s hard to believe that John Carpenter‘s horror classic has spawned ten films to date. However, it’s safe to say the quality has been in steep decline. Technically speaking, Carpent…

Horror movie fans don’t have it easy and their love of horror franchises can be like being stuck in an abusive relationship. The first installment of any horror movie, the ones crystallized into the canon as classic anyhow, is often like a wonderful ho…

Curiously, given that he’s better known as a director, and hasn’t scored a movie in sixteen years, few have had more influence on 21st century film scores than John Carpenter. The synth-heavy approach on the horror master’s movies was unfashionable for a long time, but a new wave of genre pictures like “It Follows,” “The Guest” and the like have turned heads with their Carpenter-evoking scores, even leading to a resurgence of interesting in the helmer’s music, leading to him releasing a couple of albums and playing music festivals. Continue reading John Carpenter Could Score David Gordon Green’s ‘Halloween’ Reboot at The Playlist.

Varèse Sarabande’s deluxe release of John Carpenter’s classic synth score hits on September 29th The post Christine Soundtrack Gets Remastered LP Release appeared first on

John Carpenter hasn’t directed a film since 2010’s “The Ward,” but the legendary horror maestro has certainly been busy. He’s been touring the world performing iconic songs from his soundtracks, given his blessing to David Gordon Green‘s brewing remake of “Halloween,” approved Robert Rodriguez‘s redo of “Escape From New York,” and is now jumping to television where with a couple of projects that are sure to grab the attention of fans. Continue reading John Carpenter Heads To TV With ‘Tales For A Halloween Night’ & ‘Nightside’ at The Playlist.