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One of the best films of the year brought a compelling dramatic chill to cinemas this summer. However, if you missed it, the terrific “Wind River” — which has been recently untangled from The Weinstein Company — is ready to fire up in the c…

We’re getting two shades of The Weinstein Company‘s approach to marketing this week. On the cruder side of things, the distributor used boobs to promote their forever delayed period drama “Tulip Fever.” However, they can be classy, as they show with “Wind River,” with the film expanding into more cinemas this weekend. The directorial debut of screenwriter Taylor Sheridan (“Sicario,” “Hell or High Water“) stars Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen, who are tasked with solving a murder in a remote Native American Reservation. Continue reading ‘Wind River’ Trailer: Jeremy Renner & Elizabeth Olsen Face Danger, Seek Justice at The Playlist.

It’s August, which means Forbes is using the traditional seasonal slowdown of traffic to drop lists of who-made-the-most-money in a variety of industries. For our interest, the movies, last week saw the release of the highest paid actress list, with the financial site using their alchemy of number crunching to place Emma Stone at the top of the heap. However, what’s most interesting is that the ten highest paid actresses would’ve even crack the top ten of the male counterparts. Continue reading Mark Wahlberg Is 2017’s Highest Paid Actor at The Playlist.

Last year, everyone’s favorite amnesiac spy returned in “Jason Bourne,” and the results were mixed. The film didn’t have the same kinetic magic of the original trilogy, and while its the second highest grossing film of the series worldwide, “Jason Bourne” seemed like it was creatively running on fumes. Nonetheless, producer Frank Marshall is angling for a fifth movie, even if Matt Damon doesn’t seem to be in any rush. Continue reading Jeremy Renner Still Wants To Do A ‘Bourne Legacy’ Sequel at The Playlist.

With just three screenplays under his belt, former “Sons of Anarchy” actor, Taylor Sheridan has built up quite the cinematic voice in these last three years. It all started with Denis Villeneuve‘s “Sicario,” which relied heavily on atmosphere, its landscape-lush wide screen shots, and gloomy themes to give us an insider look into the FBI’s futile fight against the Mexican drug cartel. Continue reading Taylor Sheridan Might Reteam With Jeremy Renner Again For Doc Holiday Series at The Playlist.

Summer is finally here, and the last thing you likely want to think about are the long winter months that will be coming. However, if you want a cinematic reprieve from the heat, the acclaimed “Wind River” will be an icy treat. The directorial debut of Taylor Sheridan, the screenwriter behind “Sicario” and “Hell Or High Water,” the film stars the Avengers duo of Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen, and unravels a murder mystery on a Native American reservation in Wyoming. Continue reading New Trailer For ‘Wind River’ Starring Jeremy Renner & Elizabeth Olsen Goes Into The Cold at The Playlist.