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Playboy officially wants out of the Brett Ratner business. In light of recent events surrounding director and producer Brett Ratner, Playboy Enterprises has officially put the kibosh on a proposed Hugh Hefner biopic that they were developing with RatPa…

**Spoilers ahead** Just like “mother!” last month, the box office receipts for “Blade Runner 2049” might’ve missed the mark, but people can’t stop talking about the film. Denis Villeneuve‘s thoughtful sequel an…

Based on the Philip K. Dick’s 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Ridley Scott’s 1982 science fiction thriller, Blade Runner, introduced audiences to a dystopian future where synthetic humans, known as Replicants, are bio-engineered for use in off-world colonization. When these Replicants go rogue, special police units called Blade Runners hunt down and “retire” them. Despite its initial lukewarm critical and commercial reception, Blade Runner has become one of the most influential movies of the last 40 years, pioneering what became an entirely new genre: neo-noir cyberpunk. 35 years later, thanks to subsequent releases like the 1992 Director’s Cut and the definitive 2007 Final Cut, Scott’s film is now heralded as a groundbreaking visionary masterpiece and one of the most important motion pictures ever made. Now, another visionary filmmaker, the Oscar-nominated Denis Villeneuve, attempts to honor the original film while expanding its influence with a sequel, the highly anticipated Blade Runner 2049. Directed from a screenplay written by Blade …

For at least a decade, Brett Ratner has been trying to put together a movie about his pal Hugh Hefner. The late founder of Playboy certainly lived a fascinating life, and while he was perhaps largely known for the skin mag that he popularized, but also celebrated for his civil rights work (the documentary “Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel” does a good job at showing the many sides the bathrobe enthusiast). Continue reading Jared Leto Puts On Bathrobe For Hugh Hefner Biopic at The Playlist.

There are things you need to know before seeing “Blade Runner 2049,” and things that can wait to be revealed. In fact, it’s probably best to keep any advance information to just the basics. In any event, you probably don’t want to watch this trailer. In fact, I haven’t even watched it, because I have IMAX ticket for this weekend and I’m going to go on internet blackout as much as possible before my screening on Sunday. Continue reading ‘Blade Runner 2049’: Final Trailer Gives Away Some Secrets at The Playlist.

As DC Films continues to desperately try and change course toward a more successful future, it’s worth remembering that last year’s “Suicide Squad” was the nadir of the old way of thinking. Warner Bros. threw millions of dollars at reshoots, cut their own version of the movie, and then mashed up with David Ayer‘s vision. The result was a disaster. Don’t tell me about box office numbers, because that movie is nearly unwatchable. Continue reading Jared Leto Is Lucky Enough To Have Never Watched ‘Suicide Squad’ at The Playlist.

Aside from two quotes that will be mostly meaningless in this context, this is a spoiler-free review that keeps the many secrets of “Blade Runner 2049” hidden. “I’ve seen things you couldn’t believe… miracles,” a character laments in Denis Villeneuve’s uneven, but still extraordinary and evocative “Blade Runner 2049,” the belated sequel to Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi masterpiece “Blade Runner.” Echoing replicant Roy Batty’s (Rutger Hauer) similar sentiments of what humans can only dream of, but never fully experience, the expression of these words possesses both maddening frustration and unspeakable sadness. Continue reading ‘Blade Runner 2049’: An Enthralling, Thrilling Mystery & Philosophical Provocation [Review] at The Playlist.

Man, if people had been offering David Bowie acting roles while he was still alive at the same rate they seemed to just after he died, he would have been busier than Jessica Chastain. One of the rare singers to successfully crossover into acting without embarassing himself, Bowie’s last screen role was, of all things, cameoing as himself in Vanessa Hudgens-starring teen movie “Bandslam” in 2009. Continue reading Denis Villeneuve Talks ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Sequels And David Bowie at The Playlist.

In two weeks the verdict on “Blade Runner 2049” will be in when the reviews roll out, but until then, we’re trying to keep our high expectations reasonable about the sequel to one of the all time great sci-fi films. But it’s hard to stay reasonable, especially when you see the passion put into the movie in these new behind-the-scenes featurettes. Vice has the most substantive fare, serving up two generous videos about the making of “Blade Runner 2049,” and the legacy of the original movie. Continue reading ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Bursts Into The Future With Over 20 Minutes Of Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes at The Playlist.