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We’re nearing the midpoint of the cinematic year, and Jordan Peele‘s microbudget horror “Get Out” remains one of the most talked about success stories of 2017. Made for a slim $4.5 million, the film has earned a whopping $214 million worldwide, and will likely add to that bottom line when it’s released on home video next week. Hollywood is very much knocking on Peele’s door, and this spring he was sought by Warner Bros. Continue reading Jordan Peele Talks Turning Down ‘Akira,’ Heads To HBO For Horror Series ‘Lovecraft Country’ at The Playlist.

There’s still two more (shortened) seasons of “Game Of Thrones” to go, but HBO isn’t wasting a hot moment planning for the future, and trying to retain the global audience that has made the series such a phenomenon. Earlier this month it was revealed that four spinoffs were in the works, with a team of writers tackling the various projects including Max Borenstein (“Godzilla,” “Kong: Skull Island”), Jane Goldman (“Kick-Ass,” “Kingsman: The Secret Service”), Brian Helgeland (“L.A. Continue reading Fifth ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel Series In The Works, George R. R. Martin Reveals Details About The Shows at The Playlist.

When we last left our merry band of tech innovators, programmers and start up investors the infamous company Pied Piper had taken yet another dramatic pivot. The algorithm company CEO and founder Richard (Thomas Middleditch) had once hoped would revolutionize video compression was pushed to the side for an increasingly popular video chat application developed by Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani). And, if you’ve ever worked even tangentially close to the tech sector it made a lot of sense and in a way that has always been the biggest strength of Mike Judge’s “Silicon Valley.” Sure, corporate giant Hooli (think Yahoo having overstayed its welcome) and its incredulously dumb “Chief Innovation Officer” Gavin Benson (Matt Ross) is an increasingly less funny cartoon in the background, but the obstacles Richard, Dinesh, Gilfoye (Martin Starr) and Jared (the show’s secret weapon, Zach Woods) are shockingly real at times. Continue reading ‘Silicon Valley’ Season 4 Seems Like A Prudent And Partially Funny Investment [Review] at The Playlist.

In advance of the show’s Season 7 premiere on July 16 — which we know because a giant melting block of ice told us so — HBO has released a batch of new photos from the penultimate season of “Game Of Thrones.” Fans who have been watching this show for the past six seasons will be relieved to discover that HBO hasn’t aggressively killed off any of the main characters during the offseason (hey, you never know), with the new photos confirming that everyone seems alive and well to kick things off. Continue reading Check In On Your Favorite Murderers With These ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Photos at The Playlist.

In 1966, French director François Truffaut made his English-language debut with “Fahrenheit 451,” a dystopian thriller based on Ray Bradbury‘s novel about a man tasked with destroying literature. While the film was received only moderately well by audiences at the time – the New York Times referred to Truffaut’s film as both “dully fashioned and dully played” – its status has been elevated as the novel itself has entered the science-fiction canon. Continue reading HBO Announces A ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Adaptation With Michael Shannon And Michael B. Jordan at The Playlist.